Next win at an important asian country for fishing fleet tracking

The German Weatherdock AG is honored to be awarded the second time with a big order by an important Asian Government for supplying a fleet tracking and monitoring system. By using the Weatherdock’s vmsTRACK system mounted on the fishing vessels, the local Department of Fishery is able to continuously track and observe all small and bigger non-coastal fishing vessels in their EEZ and beyond in offshore areas.

New Weatherdock distributor for Africa

We are pleased to introduce our new distributor in South Africa. He is already presenting our AIS personal locator rescue devices at his own booth M32 at Cape Town International Boat Show …

easyRESCUE Features

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easyRESCUE Functionality

Schedual of how AIS SART work   Man over Board AIS SART emergency transmitter can be the difference between saving or loosing a life. Only when wearing a life jacket with integrated AIS SART device, your vicinity with AIS aboard, included own mother ship, knows about...
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