Office closed for X-mas

Dear Customer,

In the week after the Christmas-Days our office will be closed  until Tuesday, 2nd of January 2018. Than we are back on work for you as you are familiar with us.

We wish you and your family a blessed and holy Christmas time and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018.

Your Weatherdock-Team

Trouble with our telephone system

Dear Customer & Business partner
As you know have we moved to our new location on August 1st 2017.
Unfortunately, additional to all the little obstacles such a project comes up with, we have massive trouble with our telephone system.
Currently and for the next time, we are not available under the regular telephone numbers.
We are currently only available at 0157 58861239
Thank you very much for your understanding. We try to solve the problem as soon as possible.
Your Weatherdock Team

German YACHT magazine once again tested AIS MOB devices available on the market for their strengths and weaknesses

In early August the well known German YACHT magazine worked out a huge test event at the Baltic sea. The goal was to find out which AIS MOB device is the best on the market available.

With very successful 88 from 100 possible points the AIS MOB easyONE from German Weatherdock AG gets the TOP grade of this challenge.

The big advantages of the easyONE which bring it on TOP of the list are,

• palm-sized
• self-floating in upright position
• without buoyancy aid
• usage with every automatic life jacket
• highest transmission range
• full stand alone functionality with automatic activation
• long battery lifetime of more than 24 hours
AIS MOB emergency transmitter can make the difference between saving or losing a life at sea. The current GPS position of the victim will be updated every minute and broadcasted to every AIS receiver system in the vicinity of up to 10 nautical miles and more. The transmitted data also include course and speed over ground of the victim in the current.

Weatherdock AG is proud to be the winner of this competition in front of other manufactures and we take this first place as an incentive to keep on working hard to realize the best products possible.

Sailing weekend with Arved Fuchs

On the weekend of the July 8th and 9th, the Weatherdock team had the immense pleasure of sailing for one entire day with Arved Fuchs, aboard of the famous expedition ship DAGMAR AAEN.

We departed from Flensburg. The sea was very quiet and the sun was shining. We could see Denmark on one side, Germany on the other side.

We also had the opportunity to test our new devices! What a better place than the sea?

A couple of weeks ago we told you about our partnership with Arved Fuchs. He is a world famous ice hiker, sailor and polar explorer and he owns this incredible ship built in 1931.

We are delighted to have been able to share such a moment with him.

move to new location

We move

As you can see in the headline, we will move to our new location.

From 1st of August 2017, our new address will be

Weatherdock AG

Emmericher Strasse 17

90411 Nürnberg

.Our phone numbers will stay the same so only thing you have to do is to update yoour systems with our new address.

Maybe in the two weeks around the moving date it will become not so easy to get in touch with us as you are used to.

We do our very best to reduce this unconvenient situation to a minimum.

We appologize in advance for possible problems coming up in this time.

Best regards from Nuremberg
Weatherdock AG

Comon research project of DLR and Weatherdock

Within a new project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Aerospace Center DLR and the Nuremberg-based Weatherdock AG will pool their competences.

The goal of this research project is the improvement of the nowadays existing AIS standard to create a reliable AIS position reporting of vessels in high traffic areas and/or bad transmitting conditions.

What is AIS?
AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a self-organizing maritime transponder/receiver radio system broadcasting relevant trip data (position, heading, vessel call sign, vessel name, etc.) of every vessel through two worldwide standarized VHF frequencies. This broadcast is received by other vessels. AIS main objective is to improve maritime safety with collision avoidance. Since 2006 AIS is mandatory for commercial vessels bigger than 50.000gt and has become part of the vessels’ equipment. For fishing vessels or other smaller vessels, AIS is not mandatory but not forbidden.

With the present technical condition, AIS will reach its limits in some parts. The suggested system is compatible with the existing AIS system and enables, in areas of very high traffic, a solid and secure detection of the needed information.

Office closed for German Unification Day

Dear customers

On Tuesday 3rd of October is German Unification Day.

For this reason, our office is closed even on Monday 02.10.2017. On Tuesday, 4th of October, we will be there for you as usual.

Your Weatherdock Team

Weatherdock office closed due to bank holiday

Dear Customers

On Thursday, 25th of May there is a bank holiday in Germany. Due to this, our office is closed at this date and the following Friday as a bridge day.

On Monday the 29th we will be back for you.

Your Weatherdock Team

vmsTRACK-PRO installation

First phase of installation for vmsTRACK-PRO vessel locating and monitoring system powered by Weatherdock

After being awarded a further time with a big order by an important Asian Government for supplying a fleet tracking and monitoring system and the yet-started rollout of these units the next milestone is the installation of the first vmsTRACK-PRO units

With full men power of our local distributor the installation started on several small fishing vessels parallel, just to get finished as soon as possible. The Government, especially the Department of Fishery is very excited to start the second step of this huge project to get all national fishing vessels equipped with the vmsTRACK-PRO units.

More visibility of domestic fishing vessels in own EEZ

Within the first project step all the small coastal fishing vessels had been equipped with the locating device vmsTRACK-PRO. This next step is about the bigger fishing vessels to be monitored by authorities for regulation of IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing).

The onboard installed vmsTRACK-PRO units are transmitting as regular AIS Class B units running with the CSTDMA (carrier sence time division multiple access) on regular worldwide standardized AIS frequencies. Important to know for authorities are different points: get to know where fishing was done, identify “friend or foe” vessels and to have “GEOFENCING” functionality for special or restricted areas. The members of the department of fishery came to the decision that the Weatherdock vmsTRACK-PRO units will fit most to their requirements.

CSTDMA – “listen before talk”

The vmsTRACK-PRO locating devices are working strictly according the AIS Class B regulations. For not overwriting any AIS emergency transmission or AIS Class A message, the vmsTRACK-PRO acts like “listen before talk”. That’s the reason because the units are allowed and approved to run on regular AIS frequencies.

Weatherdock – German quality for cost effective key solutions

Due to the fact that Weatherdock has got a full range of AIS based navigational equipment like AIS transceivers and AIS receivers, as well as AIS SART and AIS MOB emergency transponders, the many years of experience with this technology was put together into the vmsTRACK-PRO.

With this experience in radio technologies, Weatherdock is well known by maritime authorities all over the world for best performance, highest possible quality and cost effective solutions on the point.

Weatherdock – Further win of German Quality in an Asian Country for fishing fleet tracking

Nuremberg, Februar 27, 2017

The German Weatherdock AG was awarded a further time with a big order by an important Asian Government for supplying a fleet tracking and monitoring system.

By using the Weatherdock’s vmsTRACK system mounted on the fishing vessels, the local Department of Fishery is able to continuously track and observe all small and bigger non-coastal fishing vessels in their EEZ and beyond in offshore areas. With such a high level proofed system the Government does the next important step to work against illegal, unreported and unlicensed fishing (IUU).

Reliable, proofed
and certified quality

The vmsTRACK system was tested hard and intensive by the Department of Fishery and finally convinced with best performance figures such as transmission range and reliability. The devices are transmitting continuously in a pre-set time interval to bring up a real-time-image of the area to headquarter.

„After awarding Weatherdock for the first batch of tracking units for the coastal fishing vessels we tested a lot, very hard, very intensive to make sure that these German position transmitter are full compliant to given standards to be the best solution for our country and our needs before awarding Weatherdock the second time with the next batch for the non-coastal fishing vessels” the customer said.

Safety of Fishermen included

Every vmsTRACK unit mounted on a vessel has got an additional “push to alert” button that triggers a standardized AIS SART emergency message which can be received by every vessel or coastal station in the vicinity to help immediately with the rescue.
“For us it is very important that the customer is totally convinced about the product and he has a good feeling with his decision. Delivering reliable technologies on the highest possible level which follow the existing rules and fit the given specification is the goal we want to achieve.” says Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, CEO and Speaker of the Board of Weatherdock.

The delivery will be finished by April 2017.

Marintec Indonesia 2016

Weatherdock’s products are currently being presented in Indonesia. The “Marintec Indonesia 2016” trade fair, which takes place from 23 to 25 November 2016, is an international Trade Fair and Congress. The main focus of the fair is on the areas of shipping and shipbuilding.

Weatherdock’s CEO, Mr. Kotouczek-Zeise, is there to accompany our partner and to present the benefits of AIS’s innovative technologies for the maritime industry.

Weatherdock at Mets 2015

New products and new ideas, those are the things we’ve put in our suitcase and brought to Amsterdam.

The METS is running from 15 to 17 November and we are back again. Please visit us, you will find us in Hall 1, Stand 123.

Our team will be there to answer your questions and to show you the benefits of Weatherdock’s products. Michael Knipp, Sven Wagner, Tjeerd Bouma, as well as the CEO of the company, Alfred Kotouczek, will be happy to welcome you during the next
three days at the METS in Amsterdam.

Office closed on 31 October and 1 November

Dear customers,

On 1 November 2016 is a legal holiday in Bavaria. Therefore we will close the office from 31st October to Tuesday 1st November 2016.

On Wednesday, 2 November 2016, we are back for you as usual and we will be ready to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience.



Weatherdock works with Arved Fuchs

Weatherdock is looking forward to working with the well-known ice hiker, sailor, polar explorer, expedition manager and book author Arved Fuchs.

The team around Arved Fuchs is equipped with the AIS SART emergency transmitters easyRESCUE-PRO, which are integrated into the SECUMAR lifejacket of every team member. They will take with them our devices for the new upcoming sailing expeditions in extreme areas of the world.

The fact that the Weatherdock products have been deliberately selected by such an experienced expedition manager for such extreme areas, shows the reliability and the high quality of the equipment, which can save their lives in a situation of distress.

We wish Arved Fuchs and his crew a lot of success in his next projects and we are glad to be a little part of their adventures .



Photo: Arved Fuchs with our CEO, Alfred Kotouczek

New Weatherdock distributor for Africa

We are pleased to introduce our new distributor in South Africa. He is already presenting our AIS personal locator rescue devices at his own booth M32 at Cape Town International Boat Show:

VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT (SA) with the managing Director Jaco Warrington

Working in close partnership with our South African distributor techAF, Jaco and his team are also responsible for the hole African continent, not only for South Africa. With the full range of life saving equipment people are familiar with VIKING, Weatherdock AIS personal locator units easyRESCUE (AIS SART) and easyONE (AIS MOB) are matching perfectly the product range and are able to enhance peoples safety level aboard.

If possible, step in the Boat Show and visit Jaco and his booth M32. He will be pleased to inform you about the Weatherdock devices.

You will find the contact information you need here.

Weatherdock at SMM 2016

In 2016  Weatherdock comes again with the slogan:

“Setting the course to SMM in Hamburg – the leading international maritime exhibition”

Together with our longstanding partner and friend, the company, we are again represented with our own stand in Hamburg. Come visit us at booth 405 in Hall B6 and inform yourself about our new products and innovations in 2016.

The link below will take you to our SMM exhibition site, where you find many more information.


Weatherdock awarded for Coastal Border Security

The German Weatherdock AG, leading manufacturer of emergency transmitter and electronic navigation devices all around “Tracking & Locating”, was awarded by a Caribbean Island to realize coastal border security by means of AIS technologies.

With this step the national authority gives a big and important component for national security. Maritime Domain Awareness, Coastal Surveillance and Offshore Border Control are only few items which are getting more and more important these days and can not be ignored any more.

“With this order we see confirmation in our constant efforts to stay in global leading position and to expand it. It is very important that the huge field of AIS capabilities will be brought into the decision makers minds”, say Alfred Kotuczek-Zeise, CEO and Speaker of the Board of Weatherdock.

MTS TechSurge conference

MTS TechSurge conference “Search & Rescue at Sea”

Weatherdock was one of the presenting sponsors of the MTS TechSurge conference in Chennai with focus on “Search & Rescue at Sea”. This conference was held by the Indian marine technology society and organized by Elektronik Lab.

Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, CEO of Weatherdock, was one of the speaker together with Coast Guard Commanders, Real Admirals and other important and responsible people of different authorities and countries.

We are proud of being part of this important and mind opening event to start putting “Search & Rescue at Sea” on the next level.


Read more about MTS TechSurge …

Weatherdock: among the best German Midsize Companies

Weatherdock, the most innovative global provider of VHF based tracking units, is under the 100 best midsize companies in Germany (Up to 500 employees, less than 50 million turnover). The “Best German Midsize Company Award” is the most important award a company can get.

Being under the best 100 companies is a great success for the Weatherdock AG. The Jury nomination among the best 100 in Germany is already a honor by itself.

The Jury said ‘this innovative company has opened opportunities by means of new technologies in Asia, South America, Africa and Middle East.`’

In addition Weatherdock AG is active in a wide variety of industry sectors.

Being under the best 100 was documented by an Award Celebration 20th June 2016:

The finalists and the three winners will be awarded at a big “Prize Gala Evening” 24th September 2016.

Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, CEO of Weatherdock Cooperation “In comparison to other quite local national awards, to be among the best 100 companies for the Jury decision of the ‘Best midsize German company’ in September is a proof for our innovation in and around our development team and the world leading technology of our products. Weatherdock will continue with the economic success and will extend the dominate role in the global maritime domain awareness markets in the future”.

Foto: Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, CEO of Weatherdock
Foto: Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, CEO of Weatherdock
Foto: Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, CEO of Weatherdock

vmsTRACK saving lives on the coast of South Africa

To realize the advantages of a product, there is nothing better than to see it in action. The most important South African television channel, public broadcaster SABC, shows a reportage informing about the use of Weatherdock’s vmsTRACK devices by fishermen in this country. “Going out to see is much safer for local fisherman”. The title of this news summarizes the purpose and results of using Weatherdock’s vmsTRACK devices.

Nothing more satisfying than knowing that our devices fulfill their goal: Save lives!

Weatherdock technology is now present in the whole world. From the shores of South Africa to the ones in South America and in the seas of Asia and Europe. Weatherdock offers its technology for locating objects and boats in different fields of navigation. We share this video so that you can see, in a practical way, how our technology works for local fishermen in South Africa. You can find more information about this product by following this link …

Weatherdock makes water sport much safer in the ROBINSONS CLUB

Both ROBINSON CLUBs on Fuerteventura have introduced the latest tracking technology to increase the safety of their water sports customers.

To achieve this, they have now the AIS-based tracker easyPOSALERT from Weatherdock.

This allows the local stations to watch the water sports fans and intervene in case of an emergency or an unexpected situations, solve problems or save lives!

The ROBINSON Club Fuerteventura thanks to this decision is now a pioneer in this field.
The company Weatherdock from Nuremberg has realized this project together with ROBINSON CLUBs. The cooperation and the installation ran this week excellent.

In the picture you can see the head of the service department of Weatherdock, Max Schuster, along with the management of the water sports station of the clubs in Fuerteventura.
The management of the club and guests are excited about the possibilities this new security features.

Weatherdock AG is in the nominees list for the “Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business 2016”

Weatherdock was nominated in Germany for the award “Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business 2016”. The importance for a company of this nomination was defined as follows from the President of the Bavarian Parliament, Barbara Stamm: “Anyone who has been nominated here, has already experienced only through this selection an award the first order”.

The first award ceremony organized by Oskar-Patzell Foundation took place in 1995. The “Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business” is according to a study by the isw Halle / S. done in autumn 2010, the most important German prize in the economic sector.

Five competition criteria evaluate the companies that appear in this list:

  1. Total development of the company
  2. Creation and protection of jobs and traineeships/apprenticeships
  3. Innovation and modernisation
  4. Commitment to the local region (corporate citizenship)
  5. Service, customer focus, marketing

Such criteria distinguishes the profile of a responsible and competitive company. It is a honor for Weatherdock to be part of this list.

For more information about this award, please visit

Office closed from 31st October to Tuesday 1st November 2016

Dear Customers,

On 1 November 2016 is a legal holiday in Bavaria. Therefore we will close the office from 31st October to Tuesday 1st November 2016.

On Wednesday, 2 November 2016, we are back for you as usual and we will be ready to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience


easyONE AIS MOB personal beacons for Sea-Watch

Personal AIS beacons of Weatherdock for the team of Sea Watch. Sea Watch presents itself on its website as a “growing team of dedicated volunteers from Europe “  which is  closely involved in the project organization and implementation.  “The team includes Captains, doctors, mechanics, lawyers, social workers, journalists, translators and consultants from various fields”.  All of them are involved in the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean sea.

Weatherdock supports Sea-Watch with 15 AIS MOB personal rescue beacons easyONE, to increase the crews own safety during sometimes dangerous rescue operations.

We wish Sea-Watch all the best for their work in the future.

Photo: Sea-Watch

easyRESCUE along with celebrity chef Tim Mälzer

As part of the TV series “KITCHEN IMPOSSIBLE” on the German TV channel VOX , the celebrity chef Tim Mälzer had to do what a normal matrose do in a frigate of the German Navy. He was not only active in the tasks of the Caboose staff but he also had to participate in a “man overboard” situation. During such an exercise Tim Mälzer can be seen with a lifejacket, inside of which the AIS S.A.R.T.  easyRESCUE is.

Photo: 2016.03.06

Weatherdock devices RECEIVE AIS but they also receive ACKNOWLEDGEMENT for their QUALITY too!

The renown magazine YACHT, the largest sailing magazine in Europe, has conducted comprehensive tests on 12 different AIS receivers.

The performance of each product was thoroughly tested; the operability and handling of the devices were assessed, comparing each of the device against the other. In addition, to reviewing the overall functionality, the technical components were also rigorously scrutinized.  The investigations focused particularly on issues such as “shield”, “Galvanic mass”, “forwarded data records”,  “Current consumption at 12.6 volts „,“ multiplexer „and“ receiving power”.

The results were impressive and concluded that Weatherdock’s devices took the lead; the Weatherdock easyAIS-IS receiver with integrated antenna splitter was the overall winner receiving 96 out of 100 possible points. Closely followed, in second place, was the Weatherdock easyRX2S receiver with 95 points. In third place, with 79 points, is the AMEC Cypho-150 receiver.

The other results ranged between 77 points and 24 points reflecting a very typical synopsis for yachts owners whom utilise this technology.

With this link you can access the contents of the current issue of the magazine YACHT (in German):


Weatherdock Apps are now available in Apple Store

Starting in February 2016 the Weatherdock Apps for AIS Class B transceiver easyTRX2S and AIS S.A.R.T. & DSC personal emergency transmitter are now available in the Apple Store.

On the running-up “boot” exhibition in Düsseldorf we were able to demonstrate to a lot of customers how easy it will be in the future to configure the Weatherdock AIS Class B unit via iPhone or iPad.

Download here:


For the new AIS & DSC personal emergency transmitter easyRESCUE-PRO there is also an App available at the Apple Store. With this able you’ll be able to programm the MMSI of your onboard installed DSC controller into the easyRESCUE-PRO.

Download here:


Of course these apps are also downloadable at Google Play Store for Andoid devices



Weatherdock at the Japan International Boat Show, March 3-6, 2016

In Yokohama City the Japan International Boat Show takes place.
Our partner Q-Sync Corporation  will show the products of Weatherdock.
At its booth (B-1) the visitors will have the opportunity to see some of our products: easyTRX2S, easySPLIT, easyRESCUE, easyRESCUE-DIV-PRO, infoBOX and the easyONE.

The organizers are expecting about 45000 people this year. The chief operating officer of Q-Sync Corporation, Mr. Taro Yoshikawa is willing to answer all the questions about the devices of Weatherdock; the technical details of our transceiver, AIS Class B transmitter and receivers, as well as the advantages that make the difference compared to the products of our competitors.

For more information about the Japan International Boat Show, please follow this link:

Antarctic Endurance 2016, teamwork knows no limits!

January 27. 2016

Have you ever asked yourself what creating a resilient team means? Well, that is exactly what a group of people are trying to find out in the Antarctic – this project is called “The Antarctic Endurance 2016”.

In a two year research program centered on a six weeks sailing and mountaineering expedition in the Antarctic and South Georgia, a century on from Shackleton’s extraordinary recovery from the Weddell Sea, a selected team of Naval Personnel from United Kingdom’s Royal Navy and Royal Marines are celebrating the Endurance Expedition 1914 – 1917. This expedition is now considered the most important expedition of the Antarctic exploration.

Now, in January and February 2016, the Antarctic Endurance 2016 team wants to follow the example of Shackleton, the great sailor of the heroic age of Antarctic exploration. Their purpose is to inspire a new generation of marines and sailors. Their slogan is: inspire celebrate educate

antarcticThey educate, because they want to research in the key aspects of the dynamics and leadership and they want to show how those can be applied across the full spectrum of military operations, management and business.
Weatherdock and its partner in the United Kingdom, Pinpoint Electronics, have sponsored this initiative, we wish the members of this team success and the fulfilment of their purposes.

We are sure that this mission will not be an easy one, but we do hope that our easyONE gives them a feeling of security in the accomplishment of their expedition.

You can track the progress of this project and keep up to date at their blog: or on Twitter @antarctic2016.


Photo: Josh Cowart, member of the expedition with an easyONE
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