Sailing weekend with Arved Fuchs

On the weekend of the July 8th and 9th, the Weatherdock team had the immense pleasure of sailing with Arved Fuchs, aboard of the famous expedition ship DAGMAR AAEN.

move to new location

On August 1st 2017 we move to our new location. Therefor our collegues might be difficult to contact by phone or email from Monday 24th of July up to Friday 11th of August. We apologize in advance and work hard to be back at 100% normality as soon as possible.

vmsTRACK-PRO installation

After being awarded a further time with a big order by an important Asian Government for supplying a fleet tracking and monitoring system and the yet-started rollout of these units the next milestone is the installation of the first vmsTRACK-PRO units.

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