Weatherdock is partner of the BALTIC 500 Challenge

A challenge to prove your sailing skills – as the old sailors did. BALTIC 500 means 500 nautical miles – non-stop – in up to 100 hours. In a team of two, a sailboat covers a route in the Baltic Sea, which encompasses both narrow waters and the open sea.

The event will take place from 29th May to 4th June 2019, deadline for registration is 30th April 2019.

We are proud to be a partner in the safety of the BALTIC 500 Challenge.



More Infos about the Challenge

BMW Sailing Cup 2013

A unique sailing experience: the BMW Sailing Cup

The BMW Sailing Cup is the largest international regatta series for amateurs and racing and recreational sailing enthusiasts. Nine qualifying races will be held in all of Germany in 2013. The winning teams will qualify for the BMW Sailing Cup finals in Germany in October. The crew which prevails here is invited to the World Finals to be held in the following season.

All boats racing and competition marks are equipped with a small portable FM transmitter easyPOSALERT. Using GPS location reports together with course and speed, the data is sent via VHF radio to a receiver on land, which processes the signals and forwards them to the corresponding WinGPS software. This sailing regatta software allows a visually appealing display using a wide-screen display or video wall.

Homepage BWL Sailing Cup


Weahterdock is technical partner at RED BULL Storm Chase

In Summer 2012 the RED BULL Storm Chase is coming up again after 2006. This extreme sport event will bring the ultimate fight: men vs. nature

Quoting windsurfing legend Robby Nash:”Windsurfing in storm surf separates men from the boys.”

RED BULL Storm Chase is a typical RED BULL event. Extreme. Dangerous. Unpredictable. The extreme is part of the show. From 1st August until 30th November the RED BULL Storm Chase is on when the wind is expected to exceed 10 Beaufort (100kmh), everywhere in the world on three different spots. There are just 48 hours for the surfers to get there before the storm strikes.

With these pictures you can make your own opinion what is coming up for the surfers:

Weatherdock is technical partner at the RED BULL Storm Chase in category “safety”

The bavarian company Weatherdock AG, located in Nuremberg, is supporting the RED BULL Storm Chase with an outstanding tracking system.

Every competitor and every crew member out in the water will be equipped with the small, portable GPS transmitter easyPOSALERT. This device has got a built in GPS receiver to get the exact position. This will be transmitted with additional information like speed and course over ground the the base station on the beach. By means of this a persistent real-time tracking solution of each contestant is guaranteed.

We keep you informed about the RED BULL Storm Chase and give you more details later on. For more information about the Storm Chase please visit:

Boris Herrmann Racing

Boris Herrmann and Giovanni Soldini, two ocean heroes from Germany and Italy. Skipper Soldini and Herrmann as a navigator with a ten-member international crew. They  tuned specifically for this purpose the 70-foot yacht”Maserati” for that world record challenge.

In six and a half days, the team wants to make it from New York to England and set a new record for this prestigious, up almost 3,000 nautical miles (5,400 km) long route in April 2012

In six and a half days, the team wants to make it from New York to England and set a new record for this prestigious, up almost 3,000 nautical miles (5,400 km) long route in April 2012

On board: the “easyRESCUE” Nato version.

This version has got a double automatic activation. It activates automatically by water contact, but also with a magnetic trigger.

Normally the easyRESCUE is assembled into the lifevest and it starts automatically, after the lifevest blows up.

Boris and his team do rely on the easyRESCUE. You should do the same.

With the following link you’ll find an article on writen by Boris Herrmann himself. You can read his very personal opinion about the AIS S.A.R.T. transmitter.

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