Real-Time vessel & object monitoring by VHF

The system allows persistent locating and monitoring of vessels and moving objects in a special area via VHF technologies. The vmsTRACK-PRO-CS is working with CSTDMA Class B transmission functionality. CSTDMA is the abbreviation for “Carrier Sense Time Division Multiple Access”, which is used for AIS Class B units. The vmsTRACK-PRO-CS operates on the principle “listen before talk”. If a transmission is due, the transceiver watches the dedicated slot and if there is no transmission in the slot from a Class A transceiver, then the CSTDMA unit starts transmission on its own in this slot.

Palm-sized for every request

The vmsTRACK-PRO-CS is a small portable “grab’n’go” position transmitter, which broadcasts in a pre-set time interval via VHF radio frequencies. The unit is ideal for coastal fishing fleet, movement monitoring of harbour vessels, small target tracking and pleasure boaters tracking. It is suitable for fishermen, vessels, leisure boats, ski jets, harbour crafts, pilot vessels, etc. The system is expandable to a full target management system. With the usage of the vmsTRACK-PRO-CS real-time-tracking system, a radar-less traffic monitoring system for economic application is possible. By means of the transmission, information about current GPS position as well as curse and speed over ground of the object, real-time-tracking and monitoring of  objects is possible for a base station. Such a base station only needs a special tuned receiver unit to get these position reports, if customized frequencies are used. The creation of a “closed user group” is possible with such a system, in which only the base station has the permission to look into, thanks to these customized frequencies. The vmsTRACK-PRO-CS is also able to run on regular AIS frequencies which makes a special tuned receiver needless.

Geo fencing possible

Special areas can be programmed into the unit (not to enter or not to leave). They are called “Geo-Fence-Areas”. The vmsTRACK-PRO-CS unit gives visual alerting by flashing LED if this geo-fence-function is triggered and a special information message is immediately sent to the base station. Only the base station will be able to interprete this message.

Intelligent tamper-proof solution

If the unit is stolen or tampered, an intelligent high tech solution will trigger a flashing LED to inform the vessel’s Captain. A special message is also sent to the base station. This special message is sent within the normal position report, but only the base station can decode it.

“Who and Where” for coastal security and fleet management

The real-time-knowledge of “who and where?” is very important in administration of coastal fishing fleets, as well as in coastal boarder security issues. By transmission of special names and unit IDs, “friend or foe” identifying is possible.

Additional emergency distress button

The small vmsTRACK has got an additional emergency distress button. By triggering the alert function, additional to the regular position report on special frequency, according to customer’s specification and with approval of the national authority, an official emergency message will be sent out on both regular AIS frequencies to reach every AIS receiver within transmission range of the vmsTRACK.

Individualization of vmsTRACK units

The vmsTRACK units can be individualized by means of programming ship name, type of vessel as well as area of activity into the unit for transmission. The pre-set time interval is free to definee: each second up to 1 time per hour, everything is possible. The bigger the time gap is, the longer the battery capacity will be. E. g. once per minute will last for a couple of days. The power supply for the vmsTRACK unit on a small fishing vessel can be done by solar panel. This will continuously charge the transmitter.

Basic needs fulfilled

This small device is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters.

Different power supply solutions possible

There are 3 ways of using the vmsTRACK-PRO-CS with reference to power supply.

  1. Charging station Staying independent by own rechargeable batteries going to be charged by own charging station (A122 Tamperproof & Powersocket)
  2. Board net Fixed solution by means of connection to 9-32VDC board net power supply. This will give permanent intelligent recharging (special modification of charging station on demand).
  3. Solar panel Persistent external power supply with permanent intelligent recharging. This will be a fully self contained solution for permanent operation.

What is needed to run the vmsTRACK?

Each object going to be monitored needs a vmsTRACK. The charging station provides intelligent and ideal charging which ensures the long lifespan of the batteries. The vmsTRACK is factory pre-set to a custom frequency for “closed user groups”.

  • Portable VHF position transmitter
  • Position report on proprietary frequencies for “closed user groups”
    (128 Bit encrypted)
  • AIS or customized VHF frequencies in accordance to existing base stations possible
  • certified as AIS CSTDMA transponder (CSTDMA – Carrier Sense Time Devision Multiple Access)
    “available on demand”
  • Embedded geo reference coast line table
  • Separate distress/alert button
  • Intelligent high tech tamper proof solution
  • Waterproof to 10m depth – Ip6
  • Palm size and easy portability
  • Power output approx 3W
  • Built-in rechargeableNiMH battery
    (lifespan according to preset transmission interval)
  • Transmission range of approx. 10 NM
    (depending on the height of the receiving antenna)
  • Made in Germany
  • Transmission power: >= 1 W (usually for objects)
  • Specifiable frequency range from 156,025 MHz to 162.025 MHz,
    25 kHz channel spacing
    (Please ask your local authority for costumer frequencies.)
  • Operating temperature range:
    -10 °C to +65 °C
  • Storage temperature range:
    -30 °C to +65 °C
  • charging temperature 0° C to + 45° C
  • Dimensions
    (L x W x H): 130 x 70 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 250 g
  • A121 Charging station (quantity and type depends on the customer requirement).
    Other charging stations cannot be used!
  • Portable easyINFOBOX with a customized receiver and a terminal device
  • Customized receiver to connect it to customary display devices
  • PC software to display the data
  • Solar Panel Power Supply
BLUETOOTH® connection

On special request the vmsTRACK-PRO-CS go with integral BLUETOOTH®LE modul for special applications.

Remote Control

Using the BLUETOOTH®LE connectivity on your smartphone, it is possible to remote control the vmsTRACK-PRO-CS (push buttons) and to see the status (LED display).

Android® and IOS® apps are available to use this functionality.


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    Satellite AIS – reliable solution with HALI

    The new HALI transponder, a collaboration of maritime industrial leaders ORBCOMM, POLESTAR and WEATHERDOCK, enables a complete situational picture of global vessel activity.

    Small vessel tracking is not the latest development which defines a wheel in a new way. There are several solutions existing in the market for such requirements. But there is one big problem all they have:

    If the distance is getting higher and the transponder becomes out of reception range of coastal base stations, the vessels are not traceable anymore. The monitoring head quarter doesn’t have a clue where the objects of interest are until they get back into coastal coverage.

    Satellite AIS is not the same as Satellite AIS

    Today’s Long-Range-AIS via satellite is not always reliable due to known congestion problems in high traffic areas.

    In opposite to those, via HALI combines terrestrial and satellite AIS data capability with two-way satellite technology to deliver reliable vessel communication via over 40 satellites and ORBCOMM’s M2M data network ensuring vessels are always tracked for anywhere in the world. With such a bidirectional handshake between HALI transponders and ORBCOMM SATs it will be sure that AIS data are transmitted and received safely. HALI units switch automatically into Satellite AIS mode in the moment they left the coastal coverage zone.

    Collaboration of industrial big players

    HALI is made by Weatherdock, in collaboration with ORBCOMM and POLESTAR. Long term AIS experience meets huge satellite know-how. The result is an over-the-edge tri-mode tracking device which will be distributed by POLESTAR and their sales channels all over the world.

    Cost-effective and reliable

    HALI enables authorities such as Coast Guard, to improve Search-and-Rescue-Missions, enhance maritime domain awareness and increase surveillance of marine protected areas.

    The included SOS functionality sends out a distress message instantly to be received at SAR facilities.

    A140 easyPOS’N’HOOK


    With an integrated GPS-module the easyPOS’N’HOOK transmits the current position of the buoy similar to an AIS message via custom VHF frequencies. The sent position and the object-data programmed into the device will only be received when the receiver on the boat is tuned to the same custom frequency. The current position of the buoy will be displayed on a terminal or PC screen within the transmitter range.

    With the TEST button all settings and transmissions can be checked before starting. Being activated once by pressing RUN, the POS’N’HOOK does send its position signal currently, one time per 3 minutes.

    The easyPOS’N’HOOK is developed from of the approved easyRESCUE especially for applications like this.

    What is necessary to run the easyPOS’N’HOOK?

    Each buoy going to be exposed needs one of the easyPOS’N’HOOK. The charging station provides intelligent and ideal charging, which ensures the long lifespan of the batteries.  The object-related data is programmed into the device by the customer administrator or the manufacturer. Only an AIS receiver,  the easy AIS, is needed to receive the customized signals of the devices. It is factory preset to the custom frequency.


    • Portable VHF position transmitter
    • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
    • Battery lifespan: 12 hours up to 5 days with full battery power (according preset transmission interval)
    • Transmission range of approx. 10 NM (depending on the height of the receiving antenna)
    • Made in Germany

    Additional equipment:

    • charging station in different variants a) charging station b) programming station and c) combination charging/programming available (quantity and type depends on the customer requirement. Other charging stations cannot be used!)
    • portable easyPOS’N’HOOK INFO BOX with a customized receiver and a terminal device
    • customized receiver to connect it to customary display devices
    • PC software to display the data
    • Transmission power:    >= 2 W (usually for objects)
    • Specifiable frequency range from 155.5 MHz to 162.25 MHz, 25 kHz channel spacing (Please ask your local authority for costumer frequencies.)
    • Operating temperature range: -10 °C to +55 °C
    • Storage temperature range: -30 °C to +60 °C
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 130 x 70 x 30 mm
    • Weight:  250 g
    • Usage free of charge
    • Independent of any GSM network
    • Transmission range of approx. 10NM
    • Rechargeable batteries

    A121 Power Supply Socket



    The A121 Power Supply Socket can be easily connected to the electrical system or another external power source. The cable ends only need to be connected accordingly. Mains voltages of 9 to 24 volts are possible. If you want to work with the national power grid, we recommend the A180. Here is a Euro plug for the 230 volt application already preassembled. All you need is an adapter plug for your country or socket type.

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