I got bad GPS after a few hours, what is the problem?

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If you have an easyTRX2 or easyTRX2S the internal chip could be affected by the
GPS rollover issue which apperared at the 6th April 2019.

The GPS system is restarting all 1024 weeks.
The 1024th week was at the 6th April 2019.
That could fill to a bad GPS sensitivity after a few hours.

Please update your easyTRX2S unit with the latest firmware (3.3.0 or higher, updated on 06.06.2019).
You´ll find it here.
If you have an easyTRX2 unit (without “S” in the name), the update is available here.

How to update is described here.

In addition we recommend to also connect an external GPS antenna directly to your easyTRX2/S device. Also if you are using an “iGPS” module already.

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