What is MTM, Text messages?

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—Under devolopement—
Following topic is still under developement and will work in the future on your easyTRX3 unit.

Please note that only SOTMA units are able to send Binary Broadcast messages and it is not sure that the boat owners read that message although
the SOTMA unit automatically acknowledged the reception!

The easyTRX3 is a AIS Class B SOTDMA unit.
This SOTDMA allows Class B unit as same as Class A to send text messages over AIS.

We call that MTM, Maritime Text Messenger.
Therefore we have a special App which connects to your easyTRX3 mit WiFi (WiFi within TRX3 is required).
If you don´t have a easyTRX3 with WiFi you could use USB for PC/MAC.
WiFi-App for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weatherdock.easyTRX3Msg
WiFi-App for iOs: not available

Adressed Message:
AIS message 6 & 26 are used for that adressed Message and will be send to a specific MMSI number.
If you want to send a message to an MMSI number its necessary that this boat is also equipped with a SOTDMA unit.
Then the reception will automatically be acknowledged by it.
Note that this still does not mean that the boat owner was read that message!
One message could contain up to 48 symbols.
Within a minute you could send in total 72 symbols.
“Arrival in Marina Portofino, ETA 1800”

Broadcast message:
For that AIS message 8/26 is used to send an all ships message to all AIS units within range.
Here you could use up to 54 symbols.
Within one minute you are allowed to send 72 symbols.
“Marina Portofino is closed”

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