Our easyRESCUE Rescue Transmitters have a basic approval and do not have to be registered anymore!

easyRESCUE App

With the easyRESCUE app, up to 8 different MMSI numbers can be pre-programmed in the rescue transmitter via Bluetooth.


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The new easyRESCUE-PRO3 combines the 3 most effective alerting and locating systems, AIS, DSC and 121.5MHz homing, in one unit – just to make rescue missions as fast and efficient as possible.

Via AIS emergency message all vessels with AIS receiver aboard in the vicinity of up to 15 nm and more around the victim, including the mother ship, are informed about the distress situation. Updated every minute, this alert message contains current GPS position as well as COG (course over ground) and SOG (speed over ground) of the victim in a drift. These information enable every crew to assist with the rescue.

Via DSC distress call up to 8 different vessels get a first alerting call within seconds after the AIS MOB easyRESCUE-PRO3 was activated in closed loop. The MMSI numbers can be pre-programmed into the beacon via Bluetooth with the free Weatherdock App. After the GPS fix is given, a second DSC distress call is send out in “closed loop”, containing GPS position of the victim. For the next 10 minutes the “closed loop” crews are able to acknowledge the incoming distress call. If the easyRESCUE-PRO3 receives no acknowledgement, the unit switches automatically into “open loop”, transmitting an “all ships call” to everybody into the GMDSS emergency network. This “all ships call” can be relayed by commercial vessels to forward the distress call to a coastal MRCC (maritime rescue coordination center) which are the sole stations to acknowledge the „open loop“.

Via 121.5MHz a so called “homing signal” is transmitted. With the respective receiving and bearing equipment the right direction to the victim can be found out of 3 nm distance. In situation when there is “no sight” to the victim this technology comes up with a high benefit. The closer the vessel is to the victim, the more precisely the life-saving bearing can be done.

The parallel activation of all 3 technologies is done automatically with rip cord and magnetic switch, as soon as the automatic life jacket inflates when submerged. The intended life jacket has to have a special pocket inside that was developed specially for the AIS MOB easyRESCUE-PRO3.

  • Automatic activation by water contact
  • Automatic activation by rip cord meachanism with magnetic switch
  • Manual one-hand activation at the push of a button
  • Simultanious automatic activation of
    • AIS
    • DSC distress call
    • 121,5 MHz homing signal
  • Up to 8 different MMSI numbers can be pre-programmed via Bluetooth and free App for DSC “closed loop” to own ship or group of ships
  • Automatic change to DSC “open loop” (GMDSS) after 10 minutes
  • Protection against unintended activation
  • Mothership knows where the victim is
  • Mothership receives DSC distress call
  • GPS position is updated every minute
  • 8 AIS messages per minute
  • Ships with DSC controller can start search and rescue and/or relay the distress call
  • DSC according RTCM and Class D
  • Range up to 15 nm
    (depending on height of receiving antenna)
  • No time delays due to satellite communication
  • 100% floatable without additional buoyancy aid
  • No royalties
  • No registration necessary
  • Can be used without a radio certificate
  • No time delays due to satellite communication
  • Made in Germany by market leader
  • Approval:
    • CE and R&TTE approval
    • BSH (for AIS components)
    • SOLAS (for AIS components)



  • Bluetooth
  • Waterproof, IP68
  • Operating conditions: -20°C – 55°C
  • Lenght 125mm, width 68mm, height 30mm.
  • Weight approx. 350g
  • Service intervall:
    • after usage
    • after 5 years, in testing mode only
  • Battery lifespan: 5 years (SOLAS standard)


  • CE and R&TTE approval
  • Transmission power: >2W
  • 45h (DSC acknowledged at once)


  • Transmission power: >1W
  • DSC frequency 156,525 Mhz
  • Compliant to RTCM and DSC Class D

121,5 MHz homing

  • Transmission power: 0.05W
  • 121.5 Mhz
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