Running out mid/end 2017!
Service for this equipment continues!

The easyAIS receives the AIS VHF radio signals, most sent by commercial vessels (but also from an increasing figure of pleasure boaters). These signals then proceed into a NMEA Signal which can be interpreted from the latest chart plotter or PC software.

What is necessary to use the easyAIS 2nd Generation?
” You need to have your own VHF antenna. As an alternative you can use the easySPLIT, with which you can connect the existing VHF antenna for the reception of the AIS.

Which Chart plotter/PC software fits together with the easyAIS?:
” Most of the new chart plotters or PC software are capable to display AIS data on the screen. Nevertheless please check with your distributor whether your chart plotter/PC software is capable and can manage and display incoming NMEA data.

  • 2 channel receiver to receive AIS data on 161,975MHz and 162,025 MHz
  • Sensitivity: -112dBm (Therefore -3dBm better than the norm for class A receivers!!)
  • Channel spacing: 25kHz
  • Enlarged power input: 9VDC-28VDC, 80mA
  • Anschluss: 9V – 28 VDC, 80 mA
  • Antenna connector: BNC socket. 50 Ohm
  • Baud rate: 38,4kB (optional 4,8kB by means of a jumper setting)
  • NMEA output message: VDM
  • Ambient conditions: under deck, 0°C to 60°C
  • 140mm (l) x 140mm (w) x 35mm (h)
  • Weight: app. 400 gr
  • Integrated multiplexer up converting from 4,8kB to 38,4kB
  • 2 channel AIS receiver with newest micro processor (µP) technology
  • Highest sensitivity at optimized selectivity
  • Integrated multiplexer up converting from 4,8kB to 38,4kB
  • Enlarged DC Power Input
  • Article number A025
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