The easyN2K converter enables to connect AIS devices with NMEA0183 into the latest NMEA2000 network standard.
Connecting networks – actual and new ones in harmony.


Latest linked up data- and display-systems aboard yachts are running by means of a so-called NMEA2000 network. Data interchange between NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 is not possible without a converter. This is where the easyN2K comes into picture. The easyN2K is connected just between the AIS device running with NMEA0183 and the chartplotter or PC / Labtop running on NMEA2000. The unit “translates” the NMEA0183 data stream.

Requirements for the easyN2K?

Every AIS transponder or AIS receiver who sends out data via NMEA0183 standard can be connected to the easyN2K. The outgoing data can be interpreted and precessed by any suitable NMEA2000 device.
easyN2K and gadgets that fit together?

All you need is a NMEA2000 network and corresponding devices to display NMEA2000 data. The N2K is connected directly to the NMEA2000 network via the standardized NMEA2000 plug. The NMEA0183 device will be connected with the easyN2K via an ac-cording cable. No other wiring, concerning power supply, is required.

  • Provides connectivity of NMEA0183 AIS devices with a NMEA2000 network
  • Straightforward handling thanks to plug and play characteristics
  • NMEA0183 devices are power supplied by the easyN2K
  • Used plug types
  • NMEA0183: 6 pin microphone plug
  • NMEA2000: micro style plug
    o        NMEA0183 input:
  • Baud rate: 38400 Baud
    o        NMEA2000 compatible output:
  • power supply via NMEA2000 (9-26VDC)
  • Current consumption <30mA at 12V
  • Baud rate: 250 kBd
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