How can I recieve horizontal DVB-T signals?

Horizontal radiations are bad received by the FM antennas, since the antennas are vertically aligned.
When you are often in areas where you receive horizontal signals, you will need a horizontal receiver on your UKW antenna. This begins by 3 horizontally mounted rods and receive horizontal field lines. It is simply put over your existing VHF antenna. However, it only works with Steel rods VHF antennas and not with plastic hard antennas.

The FM output is limited at 108MHz. Is this a low-pass or band-pass, which passes the VHF range?

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The frequency range of the VHF radio output is limited to 108 MHz, i.e. higher frequencies cannot pass this output. For this reason, the reception of DVB-T is not yet possible.

Information: The reception of wave bands outside the VHF range is not possible with most frequently installed VHF antennas, i.e. in the best case the lower range of the VHF-DVB-T-band may be received. The reception of higher VHF wave bands requires a change to a multi-band antenna. Due to the commonly used coaxial cables (RG58/RG213) and coaxial plug-in systems (PL259/SO239) the transmission and reflection losses in the plug and socket connectors increase at higher frequencies to such extent, that adequate reception of higher frequencies would only be possible with a loss of quality. For this purpose it would be necessary to replace the used plugs and sockets by VHF-suitable versions.

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