I want to operate the TRX with a Raymarine C60 multi-function-display. For that I want to use the NMEA interface at which the GPS datas are supplied at the moment. (easyTRX in use with an chartplotter, which has only one NMEA input (most of the Raymarine devices).

easyTRX 1. Generation >>> The easyTRX is a class B CS AIS transceiver. The easyTRX is conform to the current class B norms and certified by the BSH. All by the BSH certified transceivers are mostly similar.The reason for this is, because they have to fulfil...

Will NMEA Data be passed through?

FAQ: easyAIS 2nd. Gen. >>> Yes, all the NMEA and GPS input data are passed through. Datas come with 4800 Baud are coming into the AIS and are upconverted to 38400 Baud -together with the AIS Data.
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