My Raymarine plotter shows a “vswr fault” continuously. What is wrong with it?

If you changed the antenna and the fault is still appearing, the problem might be the plotter:You have to know that the easyTRX is sending failure messages regularly. There is “flag” in each failure message. This flag shows whether there is a real failure or only the regularly “internal check” and the report about it.

If the flag in the failure message is “V”, means system checked, no failure -=>v for verified.

If the flag in the failure message is “A”, means failure a=> acknowledges, means real failure existing.

The plotter does not interpret the “failure flags” in a correct way. It might receive failure messages and if there are a lot of messages (incl. AIS messages) it just displays the failures, which are no failures indeed, just to get rid of them to get free space.

We know it from the Raymarine plotter E120 and with the newest plotter software this problem disappeared. Please check out if you have the latest software variant firmware update.

Another possibility to check it is if the green LED on the easyTRX is on, there is no “real failure”. It is a misinterpretation of the plotter!!

Also at the easyTRX Link to AIS software there is in expert mode the possibility to see the alarm log. There you can see whether the alarm is a real one, with “A” or just the confirmation with “V” that there is no alarm. Please check this out.

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