I am unable to start the easyTRX3 programming tool, why?

With some MAC OS versions starting the easyTRX3 programming tool can cause the following error message:
“App cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”

This Error comes from a Mac internal “gatekeeper”, which is supposed to prevent malware from getting onto the PC via unknown apps.
Since this tool is the first we developed for Mac, we are not yet certified here.
We assure you that our software is not infected with malware!

If you experience this error, please follow the instructions below:

I cannot run the Programming-Tool

FAQ: easyTRX2-IS >>>

If you use Norton as Antivirus program that could be the problem.
Norton SONAR does not know these *.exe-file of our Programming-Tool.
It will be deleted. So for the time you program the device you could disable this SONAR-protection. You can set it in your Norton Programm Interface.

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