What is MTM, Text messages?

—Under devolopement— Following topic is still under developement and will work in the future on your easyTRX3 unit. Please note that only SOTMA units are able to send Binary Broadcast messages and it is not sure that the boat owners read that message...

How long could your record with the easyTRX3?

The easyTRX3 has a non removeable integrated SD card. All received AIS targets and the own position is saved. By USB you can read-out the SD card. To do that, please first connect the unit with the programming tool and activate that mode. Please note that within that...

AIS Know-How: Data transfer (SOTDMA vs. CSTDMA)

Advantages SOTDMA to CSTDMA:
+ 5 watt transmission power
+ Transmission interval up to every 15 sec. (depending on speed)
+ Reservation of future slots
+ Sending/receiving of text messages (addressing to MMSI possible)
+ 2nd priority to Class A devices

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