Persistent locating where necessary!

The easyPOSALERT is a portable position transmitter which uses VHF technology.
The device enables the persistent locating and monitoring of moving objects within range.


The easyPOSALERT has a built-in GPS receiver. After manual activation the device transmits the current GPS position by means of VHF signals in a preset time interval. This position report is sent on customized VHF frequencies, so a “closed user group” may be arranged. Each unit of the easyPOSALERT can be personalized individually. In case of an emergency there is an alert function which transmits on regular frequencies receivable by everyone within range.

The easyPOSALERT is floatable and waterproof to a depth of 10m. The rechargeable batteries have a lifespan of 5 days, depending on the pre-set transmission interval. The transmission range of the easyPOSALERT is from about 10nm (10m height of receiving antenna) up to 40nm (air craft at 1000 ft).

The easyPOSALERT is especially suitable for race boats, ferry boats, pilot vessels, jet-skis, smaller fishing boats and charter boats. Fact is: the easyPOSALERT is needed where persistent locating and monitoring of moving objects becomes necessary.

What is necessary to run the easyPOSALERT?

Each object going to be monitored and located needs an easyPOSALERT. The charging station provides intelligent and ideal charging, which ensures the long lifespan of the batteries. The object-related data is programmed into the device by the customers administrator or by the manufacturer. Only a VHF receiver, the easyRX2S, is needed to receive the customized signals of the easyPOSALERT . It is factory preset to the custom frequencies. Normally the “closed user group” as well as all other objects are displayed on the chart plotter or PC screen.

The usage of an easyRX2S allows the management of different “closed user groups” on the same customized frequency.


  • Portable VHF position transmitter
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
    Battery lifespan: 12 hours up to 5 days with full battery power (according preset transmission interval)
  • Transmission range of approx. 10 NM (depending on the height of the receiving antenna)
  • Made in Germany

Additional equipment:

  • charging station in different variants a) charging station b) programming station available (quantity and type depends on the customer requirement. Other charging stations cannot be used!)
  • portable easyINFOBOX with a customized receiver and a chartplotter
  • customized receiver to connect it to PC with software to display the data

Advantages compared to competitors:

  • Position report of “closed user group” by means of proprietary frequencies
  • Possibility to transmit alert signal
  • Waterproof up to a depth of 10 m
  • Usage free of charge
  • Independent of any GSM network
  • Transmission range of approx. 10 nm

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