Nuremberg, 24.04.2015

The third edition of the AIS Summit will be held on Thursday, 7 May 2015 and Friday, 8 May 2015 in Hamburg, Germany. One of the speakers of the first hour is once again Alfred Kotouczek the CEO of Weatherdock.

The Chief Executive of Weatherdock has the privilege to open, as first speaker, this event with his presentation:

“Small vessel tracking by AIS! Technology comparison Class A versus Class B”.

The AIS Summit is the most important conference for the AIS ship tracking technology. This event is not supposed to be a platform for commercial promotion but an opportunity for different professionals to exchange ideas and push ahead the AIS technology.

Weatherdock is proud to be a part of AIS Summit 2015, and will share the best of its experience and know-how in the context of these activities.

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