Our customer philosophy
Our 10 guiding principles in dealing with our customers.

  1. Our customers are the most important people for us, in our offices or on the phone.
  2. Our customers are not depended on us. We are dependent on them!
  3. Our customers cannot interrupt our work, they are our work. We do not doing them a favor by serving them, they are doing us a favor be allowing us to do so.
  4. Our customers are not outsiders to our business, they are part of it.
  5. Our customers are not cold statistic names or file cards or ledger sheets. They are flesh and blood human beings with needs and emotions like our own.
  6. Our customers are not people to argue with, nobody ever won an argument against a customer.
  7. Our customers are people who bring us their wants. It is our job to fill these efficiently and courteously.
  8. Our customers do require highest attentions
  9. We so answer questions and e-mails detailed and immediately. (With that we differentiate from the competition)
  10. We call back instead/and explain the issue also by email.


There exists hardly anything in this world that somebody will not produce for lower cost or sell for a lower price, and those who orient themselves solely on price will gain the just reward of such machinations

It is unwise to pay too much but worse still to pay too little. When you pay too much you may lose some money but that is all. When, on the other hand, you pay too little you may lose everything because the purchased product may not fulfill its intended function

The laws of economics prohibit the receipt of much value for little money. If you always accept the lowest offer there is the chance that you will have to pay additional costs. When you add these costs then you would anyway have enough money to have paid for a better product.

John Ruskin (English Social Reformer 1819-1908)

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