AIS Class B Transceiver

AIS Transponder with SOTDMA technology

AIS Class B transceivers with a modular design – the perfect combination for every requirement.

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Title AIS Class B Transceiver
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Logo + Slogan Weatherdock AG
Logo + Slogan Weatherdock AG
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AIS Transceiver

Stamp Made in Germany white
Stamp Made in Germany white


Product picture easyTRX3 A20000

AIS Transceiver
Class B (SOTDMA)


The easyTRX3 offers the latest technology for safe navigation on board.
In addition to 5 watts of transmission power, a faster transmission rate and SOTDMA technology, the easyTRX3 transceiver offers modern connections in a robust, waterproof housing. The latest AIS Class B generation from Weatherdock.


The AIS data telegrams can be transmitted via various methods. So far, the CSTDMA method (Carrier Sense Time Division Multiple Access) has been used for pleasure boating (Class B). The SOTDMA technology (Self-Organized Time Division Multiple Access) was previously reserved for commercial shipping (Class A), but is now also approved for Class B level.

Terms & Shortcuts explained:

What is 'IS'?

The abbreviation “IS” stands for “integrated splitter”

If you already have a VHF marine radio antenna aboard, you can also use this for your AIS Class B transceiver with an integrated splitter.

This splitter divides the different signals for AIS and VHF radio out of the marine band. The incoming signals are pre-amplified before separation so that there is no loss of quality.

You don´t have to mount a special VHF antenna for your AIS Class B unit.

An integrated antenna splitter is installed in the easyTRX3 as standard.


What is 'IGPS'?

The abbreviation “IGPS” stands for “integrated GPS antenna”

Our devices have an integrated GPS antenna with a 50-channel GPS receiver. The devices are suitable for wooden and fiberglass boats, since the GPS signal is not shielded on such ships. The easyTRX3 can be installed below deck – but above the waterline.

This feature eliminates the need to mount your own GPS antenna on deck. The integrated GPS antenna cannot be used on steel, carbon fiber and aluminum boats. The GPS signals cannot penetrate the ship’s hull and superstructure. In such cases an external separate GPS antenna for the Class B unit is mandatory.

An integrated GPS antenna is installed in the easyTRX3 as standard.

What is 'N2K'?

The abbreviation “N2K” is a synonym for the new data network NMEA2000

NMEA2000 is a new dataform which enables to plug different devices in a row on the data stream. Each unit takes his special data out of the stream. This is also called “BUS-system”.

Up to now devices communicated in dataform NMEA0183. It was mandatory that all devices had to be connected directly with each other. With the new standard the only thing you have to do is plugging the unit into the NMEA2000 data stream.

The easyTRX3 has an integrated NMEA2000 converter as standard.

What is 'DVB-T'?


The abbreviation “DVB-T” (DVB-T2) stands for “Digital video Broadcasting – Terrestrial”

DVB-T2 enables to watch TV nearly wherever you want. The DVB-T module filters the frequencies required for DVB-T2 reception, as well as for FM radio, from the received radio signals and amplifies them.

This means that no extra antenna is required to receive VHF radio or DVB-T2. You connect tje respective digital TV receiver or radio directly to the corresponding socket on the TRX3. TV signals within the marine band are separated, pre-amplified and forwarded to your digital TV receiver. The TV receiver will decode the signal and pass it to your TV set.

The following devices of the easyTRX3 series have an DVB-T module:

What is 'WiFi'?

The abbreviation “WiFi” stands for “wireless connection”

The integrated WiFi module makes it possible for all data that is normally transmitted by cable to a chart plotter or by USB connection to a PC or laptop to be transmitted wirelessly.

Up to 40 WiFi-enabled end devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) can be connected to the easyTRX3-WiFi and receive its AIS, GPS and multiplexer data.

The data of the easyTRX3-WiFi can also be transmitted to a network router via WiFi and sent from there to the end devices. If there is an Internet connection via the network router, the end devices can use the NMEA data and access the Internet at the same time.

The following devices have an integrated WiFi module:

A20001 easyTRX3-IS-IGPS-N2K-WiFi

A20005 easyTRX3-IS-IGPS-N2K-WiFi-LAN


What is 'LAN'?

The abbreviation “LAN” stands for “Local Area Network”

It means that multiple devices can be connected in a local network via data cable. The integrated LAN module enables easyTRX3 data to be transferred directly to a server or for a local application.

The bandwidth and the speed of data transmission is significantly higher with LAN than with USB or serial interfaces. LAN is therefore particularly suitable for working with large amounts of data.

The following devices have an integrated LAN module:

A20005 easyTRX3-IS-IGPS-N2K-WiFi-LAN
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