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What does AIS mean? Which devices are AIS-capable? Which chart plotters are AIS compatible? Which software is suitable for AIS? What does AIS Plus mean? All of these questions should be answered here.

What is AIS?

Extensive investments in recent years have made traffic safety systems in coastal areas one of the most modern in the world. The introduction of AIS technology by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in maritime shipping will mean a further increase in available traffic information and thus also in security for shipping.

AIS capability

There are the following “AIS” receivers on the market: 1-channel receivers; 2-channel multiplex receiver (easyAIS); 2-channel parallel receiver.

AIS chart plotter

Currently compatible chart plotters (no guarantee).

AIS Software

Compatible navigation software.

AIS Plus

The new receiving system – a collaboration between DLR & Weatherdock

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