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Apps for Weatherdock devices

All apps for our products at a glance


ME SENSE Boat Monitoring

ME SENSE boat monitoring delivers real-time data via the cloud to your smartphone or tablet. With the ME SENSE app you always have an overview of all important data and can manage your sensors.
  • Integration of the sensors via QR code scan
  • Clear display of all sensors with current values
  • Management of sensors (set thresholds and alarms)


The easy2-MOB app offers a number of features:

  • MMSI programming via Bluetooth LE (up to 8 motherships)
  • Detailed information about the self-test Internal battery status
  • Read date, time and position after activation – like “Black Box”
  • Up to eight events are stored in flash memory
  • Map view to view these locations
App Icon easy2-MOB

easyTRX3 Manager

With the easyTRX3-Manager app, all settings of the easyTRX3 can be easily and conveniently made via a smartphone or tablet.

  • Definition of static data (MMSI, name, call sign and type of ship)
  • Configuration of the interfaces (USB, NMEA0183, NMEA2000)
  • Anchor and CPA alarm can be switched on and off
App Icon easyTRX3-Manager


With the easyRESCUE app, up to 8 different MMSI numbers can be pre-programmed in the rescue transmitter via Bluetooth.
App Icon easyRESCUE-easyONE

easyTRX2S App

If your easyTRX2(S) has the WiFi option, you can use this app to connect to the device via WiFi as an alternative to the USB programming tool. This gives you the option of configuring the easyTRTX2(S) (e. g. static data, interface settings, anchor alarm, CPA alarm, silent mode) or calling up information from the device (e.g. diagnosis, list of ships).
App Icon easyTRX2S

vmsTRACK App

This app allows you to read-out the vmsTRACK-PRO via Bluetooth. You can show the static data and the battery status. The vmsTRACK is transmitting its GPS track regularly via VHF. Additionally the track is also stored in internal flash memory. With this app you also can read-out this track and show it on GoogleMaps(TM). With the update to Version 1.1 you can also program the MMSI of the vmsTRACK-PRO. You also can enable the Remote-Control Feature unsing Bluetooth LE.
App Icon vmsTRACK
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