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Keep an eye on your own boat with your smartphone.

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  • Easy construction
  • Expandable at any time
  • Can be used worldwide with W-LAN

What do I need for ME SENSE boat monitoring?

A22702 ME SENSE Relay Produktfoto

ME SENSE RELAY serves as a control center. Here, the individual sensor readings are received via Bluetooth® connection. This data is uploaded to a data cloud via an existing WiFi network in the marina. For data security reasons, only encrypted WiFi networks that have an SSID (network name) and a password can be used. Open, unprotected and unencrypted WLAN networks should not be used.


  • Manage up to 20 sensors simultaneously
  • Manage up to 10 switches (ON/OFF) simultaneously
  • Save up to 8 different WiFi networks in a list

In addition, the ME SENSE RELAY also acts as a battery monitor, as it is directly connected to the on-board voltage and can therefore monitor it.

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<p>A22700 ME SENSE Sensoren Übersicht: Temperature sensor, Battery sensor, Bilge sensor, Humidity sensor, Air pressure sensor, Door sensor, Shore power sensor, Acceleration sensor, Position sensor

Bluetooth® sensors with permanent connection to the hub.

The ME SENSE sensors do the work directly on site. Wherever high temperatures are to be measured – where air humidity or air pressure is to be measured – where the water level is to be measured or where battery voltage and shore power need to be measured. The data determined is transmitted to the central bridge/hub for further processing via a Bluetooth® connection.

Most sensors are powered by batteries (button cells) with a running time of at least 12 months. Most sensors therefore do not require a complicated power supply via cable.

For more information, click on the respective icon of the sensor:

Icon Temperature black
Icon rel black
Icon Battery black
Icon bilge black
Icon mbar black
Icon ShorePower black
Icon Door black
Icon accel black
Icon Position black
A22719 MESENSE Sensoren Switch perspektive

Icon Switch on-off black

Thanks to the ME SENSE switch, you can control electrical consumers remotely via the app. Regardless of whether it is a heater, refrigerator, fan, etc., switch on the devices before you get on board.

For further information click on the actuator icon:

ME SENSE LTE Gate Produktfoto


Mobile network thanks to LTE mobile SIM card

The ME SENSE GATE LTE is used when no WiFi network is planned in the marina with which the bridge ME SENSE RELAY WiFi can be connected to the internet. Simply create your own access point to transfer the ship data to the IoT cloud.

How do I get the ME SENSE data on my smartphone?

Smartphone ME SENSE App Door open


Weatherdock’s “ME SENSE” app combines the simplest application with an advanced and clear design.

The large display tiles for the individual sensors provide a quick overview. The tone-in-tone display dispenses with unnecessary color schemes. In the event that the alarm is activated for a sensor, the color change of the tile to red clarifies the special situation on site at a glance.

The individual sensors can be easily integrated into the functionality of the app by means of a QR code scan via the integrated camera of the smartphone.

The ME SENSE app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The basic set (battery voltage and temperature sensor) can be used without further ado in the basic version of the app. If additional sensors are added, an annual subscription is required, which can be purchased in the app via the App Store. For a period of 12 months, the subscription allows the use of up to 20 sensors and up to 10 switches (ON/OFF).

The subscription price is 29.99 € per year.

What is ME SENSE boat monitoring via app?


With the ME SENSE products, you as a boat owner can monitor your boat or yacht from the distance. ME SENSE enables real-time boat monitoring via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

The basis is the use of the IoT (Internet of Things) standard, in which independent devices communicate with each other and exchange data via the Internet via WLAN.

With the various ME SENSE sensors, measured values are recorded at regular intervals and transmitted to a central communication unit, the ME SENSE RELAY. From here, the data is uploaded to a data cloud via a secure WiFi connection. With the ME SENSE app, the data values can be displayed and monitored in real time on the smartphone or tablet. In the app, there is the option of defining threshold values which, when reached, will generate an alarm on the smartphone.

How does ME SENSE real time boat monitoring work?


The center is the ME SENSE RELAY. It is a control center and battery voltage monitor in one. The individual ME SENSE sensors transmit measured values to the ME SENSE RELAY via Bluetooth® at regular time intervals. From there, the collected data is sent to the data cloud via the marina’s WLAN network. Here the data can be retrieved from the ME SENSE app and displayed on the smartphone.

This means you can keep an eye on your boat EVERYWHERE, even if you are not there yourself.


The ME SENSE sensors send values every minute via Bluetooth to the central device, the ME SENSE RELAY.


From the ME SENSE Relay, the data is loaded into a Weatherdock data cloud via WiFi via the marina’s WiFi network.


The ME SENSE app fetches the data from the cloud for display on the smartphone.

ME SENSE Infographic

What else can ME SENSE be used for?

ME SENSE Caravan Camper


Of course, all arguments for real-time boat monitoring also apply to caravans and mobile homes. What about when you’re not there?


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