ME SENSE Sensors

ME SENSE IoT Bluetooth® sensors 


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A22703 ME SENSE Sensor Temperatur perspektive

Temperature Sensor (A22703)

The ME SENSE temperature sensor records both unusual temperature increases and fluctuations and transmits them to the central control unit ME SENSE RELAY via Bluetooth® connection.

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A22704 ME SENSE Sensor Luftfeuchtigkeit perspektive

Humidity sensor (A22704)

Indoor spaces require a specific level of humidity. If the readings deviate from this, damage may occur. So better monitor proactively.

Icon mbar black 60px

A22707 ME SENSE Sensor Luftdruck perspektive

Air pressure sensor (A22707)

Rapidly changing air pressure can indicate changing weather. It is precisely for this purpose that the ME SENSE Pressure Sensor is to be used.

Icon door black 60px

A22708 ME SENSE Sensor Door perspektive

Door sensor (A22708)

The magnetic contacts of the ME SENSE Door Sensor can provide information about whether a door or bulkhead on board is closed or not.​

Icon acceleration black 60px

A22706 ME SENSE Sensor Beschleunigung perspektive

Acceleration sensor (A22706)

In winter storage, it can happen again and again that ships have to be maneuvered back and forth on the premises. Heavy bumping is registered and reported with the ME SENSE Accell.

Icon bilge black 60px

A22705 ME SENSE Sensor bilge perspektive

Bilge sensor (A22705)

The mechanical float of the ME SENSE bilge detects rising water levels and can thus give an early warning about the ingress of water.
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