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Our management is based on ethics
This is what we mean by ethics in particular:
Sincerity, fairness, reliability, integrity, confidence, respect and above all humanity.

We focus on the individual as a customer. The human is in focus as customer, colleague and as employee. This is the value system of our company. It determines our acting.

We expect every employee to commits himself with creativity, personal initiative as well as dedication and sense of responsibility. To us success is not only the business return, but also if every single employee has personal success.

Our major task is to conciliate business objectives and employee objectives. Then we as company are successful, as well as every individually person.


The thoughts and statements compiled in this representation are mental property of the Weatherdock AG and are subject to the valid copyright laws.
Each use – also in parts – is not permitted without previous written permission of the Weatherdock AG.

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