Navigation equipment for your sea voyage

Careful navigation will help you reach your destination safely
whether you are planning a relaxing day trip or a longer sailing trip.

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Titel Productoverview | Navigation, Weatherdock AG, made in GermanyTitel Productoverview | Navigation, Weatherdock AG, made in Germany
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  • Use modern navigation technology
  • Plan your route in advance
  • Stay alert and attentive

Our range for your optimal navigation

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Stamp Made in Germany white

AIS transceiver

Product picture easyTRX3 A20000

AIS transceiver (Class B transponder)


AIS Class B transponder with the latest technology.
High transmission power, faster transmission rate and SOTDMA technology (Self-Organized Time-Division Multiple Access).

AIS Receiver

Product picture lifejackets

AIS Receiver

For receiving AIS signals to avoid collisions. We offer a mobile solution – ideal for chartered boats and a permanently installed device.

Optimal navigation at sea:
Tips and recommendations for private sailors and boat owners

Our high-quality electronic navigation devices are designed to add extra safety to your sailing adventures and give you a worry-free journey. Discover our innovative products and read our helpful tips.

For private sailors and boat owners, precise and reliable navigation at sea is crucial. Whether you are planning a relaxing day trip or a longer sailing trip, careful navigation will help you reach your destination safely. Here are some important tips to optimize your navigation at sea:


Important tips for safe navigation at sea:


  1. Use modern navigation technology: Modern GPS systems and electronic nautical charts make navigation at sea easier and more accurate than ever before. Use AIS as a complement to your other navigation devices. By combining different technologies, you increase the accuracy of your navigation and minimize the risk of navigation errors.
  2. Know your equipment: Whether you are an experienced sailor or a novice, take the time to get to know your navigation equipment thoroughly. Understand the functions of your GPS and AIS devices, radars and depth sounders and know how to use them effectively.
  3. Plan your route in advance: Before you set off on a sailing trip, plan your route in advance and mark important waypoints and hazards on your nautical chart. Take into account local conditions, currents, depths and possible obstacles.
  4. Keep your navigation equipment up to date: Invest in high-quality navigation equipment that allows you to determine your position and route accurately. Regular updates to your electronic nautical charts and navigation software are crucial to get up-to-date information on nautical marks, tides and navigation aids. Also check the functions of your navigation equipment regularly.
  5. Do not rely solely on electronic navigation: Although modern navigation equipment offers many advantages, you should never rely on it exclusively. Always have a paper chart as a backup and regularly practice navigating using traditional methods such as heading and bearing.
  6. Be aware of weather and environmental conditions: Before setting off on a sailing trip, always check the current weather forecast and find out about local conditions such as currents, tides and underwater obstacles. Adjust your route accordingly to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  7. Stay watchful and attentive: While navigating at sea, it is important to always be alert and pay close attention to your surroundings. Keep an eye out for other ships, navigation marks and potential dangers and adjust your navigation accordingly.


CONCLUSION: Use modern technology to optimize your navigation on the world’s seas, but also remain alert yourself.


With these tips and reliable navigation equipment, you can enjoy your sea voyage as a sailor or boat owner to the fullest without losing sight of safety. Explore new waters, discover fascinating places and experience unforgettable sailing adventures, protected by the best navigation equipment and your own caution.

Let Weatherdock AG products accompany you on your next sailing adventure.

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