Maritime AIS consultancy

Excellence in radio technologies for AIS Coastal Network solutions

– Independent proof on site
– Detailed final result report
– Catalogue of possible corrective actions to be done

Weatherdock AG is the leading manufacturer of AIS products
and does in parallel OEM developments as engineering consultant services.
The big advantage is that the “Consultants” do work on daily basis
with the topics around AIS.

Without breach of disclosure Weatherdock can state that similar investigations
and expertise were already made at well known authorities.

Do you have an existing coastal AIS network?
In these days, when tracking and identifying becomes more and more important, it is good to know that authorities like you around the world are facing the problem and start establishing a solution.
Are you sattisfied with your AIS network solution?
Good thing could be done even better. Weatherdock with its excellence in radio technologies offers an independent system proof on site.
Is there something in your network not working the way it has to?
Within a briefing questions should be answered to prepare a perfect testplan:

  • What is the problem?
  • What additional work needs to be done to fully define this problem and solve it?
  • What are the possible outputs or results needed to solve this problem?
  • What parts of the work could be done in house, by staff?
  • What parts of the work need to be done by the consultant?
Do you want this to be checked by independent experts?
The Weatherdock specialist team will investigate your AIS coastal network and gives you a detailed final report as well as a catalogue with possible corrective actions to be done.

In case that you don’t have any kind of coastal AIS network,
but yet planing to install, Weatherdock will be the state-of-the-art partner
with all the necessary core competence
to work out this together with you.

Customer Reference List

Governments, Authorities, Rescue Organisations as well as commercial companies around the world trust in Weatherdock products and the excellence in radio technologies. They never got disappointed with us.

For more information and a non-binding offer, please contact us:

+49 (0)911-376638-30
[email protected]

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