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A159 Mini GPS-Antenna

Small magnetic active patch GPS antenna with waterproof housing for mounting on dashboard.


Additional Devices

A056 easyCPA³

external signal source for CPA, AIS S.A.R.T., silent mode, PAN PAN

A052 easyCPA

external signal source for CPA and AIS S.A.R.T. alert

A122 Tamperproof & Powersocket

4260276741229 The A122 Tamperproof & Powersocket is a tamper-proof charging station for the vmsTRACK-PRO. The charging station can be easily connected to the electrical system or another external power source. The cable ends only need to be connected accordingly....

A121 Power Supply Socket

This product is replaced by A122 Tamperproof & Powersocket

power supply for rechargeable VHF locator units

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