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Weatherdock AG is a leading and globally recognized manufacturer of radio-based system solutions for the maritime sector. The focus is on localization and rescue.


Our rescue transmitters are powerful, handy, floatable and, once activated, transmit the current GPS position for the fastest possible rescue of people who have gone overboard. Good visibility on the high seas is important because:
Whoever is not seen cannot be saved!


Our transceivers take the guesswork out of your navigation and increase safety on board. With the incoming AIS signals, you can see what’s around you and at the same time be seen with the AIS signals sent.


Our location transmitters enable the location and monitoring of moving objects in a specific area using VHF radio technology. Transmission on special frequencies, alarm function, geofence setup, manipulation protection and much more are possible.

Marine IOT

Real-time boat monitoring via app on the smartphone – so you always know that everything is in order on board. The “ME SENSE” series has been developed to get a better overview of the condition of your own ship. This applies to the long period of winter storage, but also to the time that you are not on board during the season.

Latest NEWS

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

OFFICE CLOSED: April 07 – 10 2023

We wish you Happy Easter!

Weatherdock supports climate project

Weatherdock supports climate project

Do something for your own safety and the safety of our planet.
For every easy2 MOB Emergency transmitter sold, we donate 10 mangroves to the Philippine coasts.
– A project by Boris Herrmann –
supportet by Weatherdock


Whoever is not seen cannot be saved!

An AIS S.A.R.T. (Search and Rescue Transponder) is an independent transmitter that can be used and activated in distress situations. The easyRESCUE devices can be attached to life jackets, life rafts or lifeboats.

AIS takes the guesswork out of your navigation

The AIS technology gives you an insight into the “driving data” of all professional ships and sports boats in your area. With AIS transmitters / receivers, you can even actively participate and inform other road users about your own course and position.

Person and object tracking in real time!

With the easyPOSALERT tracking system, position reports from objects in a “closed user group” can be received and displayed in real time via VHF radio transmission.

Thats what our customers say

Rating 5 of 5 stars

A bond for life

On my solo navigation from Lesconil South Brittany to Lisbon 2017, A149 esayTrix2-IS-WiFi was my best mate for safety during day and night navigation. I have a bond for life.

André F.


Rating 5 of 5 stars

Innovative products

As a Marine Radio Telecommunication Technician on GMDSS your products are innovative and is pro-advancing Maritime Coastal Safety and Tracking Systems.



Rating 5 of 5 stars

Great customer service

They are REALLY focus on quality and client satisfaction.

Frederic P.


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