The Philippine Coast Guard visited the Malizia Mangrove Park and inspected the sponsorship project. On this occasion, our latest AIS rescue transmitter easy2-MOB was handed over to the coast guard for testing.​

Mangroves against climate change

Since the beginning of 2023, Weatherdock AG has been supporting Boris Herrmann’s “1,000,000 mangroves for the Malizia Mangrove Park” project. Mangrove trees absorb an extremely large amount of climate-damaging CO2 compared to a tree on land. The Mama Earth Foundation takes care of the cultivation and planting of the mangroves.
Thanks to the numerous easy2-MOB buyers, we were able to have over 14,000 mangroves planted in 2023.

Philippine Coast Guard in Malizia Mangrove Park

The Philippine Coast Guard has taken a closer look at the project. We are proud to be able to hand over our latest AIS rescue transmitter easy2-MOB to the coast guard.

easy2-MOB for Philippine Coast-Guard photo 2

Photo by  © Uli Kunz

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