Commercial AIS - AIS Class A

Receive all important data

position | identity | course over ground | heading | navigation status | destination of the ship

AIS AtoN Transceiver

A20004 easyAtoN

AIS Aid to Navigation transponder Type 3  


AIS transceiver used as Aid to Navigation station to provide location and identification of buoys, beacons or floating objects to nearby vessels on AIS chartplotter in real-time.

Long Distance AIS

A184 VHF-LNA + A185 DC-Block

Re-double the reception area of your base station with Low Noise Amplifier


The small VHF antenna amplifier can re-double the range where VHF based position reports of vessels and other objects of interest can be received by the coastal base station.

AIS Receiver Terminal

Full AIS coastal station designed in a standard industrial 19“ housing – „ready to rack“

The new Weatherdock AIS Receiver Terminal contains a full functionable AIS receiving unit which enables to be used as coastal station for regular AIS traffic control as well as special object tracking and monitoring in local areas.

AIS AtoN – Aid to Navigation

AIS system is used to broadcast real, synthetic and virtual navigation marker positions to all AIS receivers in the vicinity.

Long Distance AIS

Far away VHF position reports of vessels can be received without expensive satellite costs and time delay

19″ housing

Fits perfectly in the professional ambience of a coastal station or a commercial behaviour.

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