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Company Video of the Weatherdock AG

The head of Marketing and PR of Weatherdock explains „DIVE-TV“ during an Interview at the Boot Dusseldorf 2015, how both VHF transmitters: easyRESCUE-DIVE and easyRESCUE DIVE-PRO for divers work. (Video: Reise TV Community)
vmsTRACK in action

The SABC, South African Broadcasting Corporation, one of the biggest Television companies in South Africa shows here the application of the vmsTRACK in real use by local fisherman.

Emotions of Weatherdock

There are many different applications where you can use Weatherdock products. This video is to give you an emotional idea.


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easyRESCUE Imagefilm

See the benefits and the functionality of the AIS S.A.R.T. device “easyRESCUE”.
With its high approval level (German BSH, IMO SOLAS, US FCC, US Coast Guard) it is the leading product of this size in the market. For more details please visit

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The AIS MOB easyONE-DSC-CL from Weatherdock is an automatic rescue system. Because of the combination of AIS and DSC, in case of an emergency, the ships in the immediate area are alarmed as effective as never before. As soon as the easyONE-DSC-CL comes into contact with water it starts to send emergency signals.
It is possible to send the distress signal to up to 8 ships in the “closed loop” mode. The MMSI numbers can be programmed via Bluetooth from the smartphone by using the free Weatherdock app.

More informations…

The easyONE-DSC-CL has a powerfull and bright red LED-Flare for an optimum of visibility, especially in the dark or in poor visibility conditions.
The easyONE from Weatherdock is the best AIS MOB unit you can get!
The easyONE is world wide the only one with a full automatic activation. Due to its handy dimensions it is very easy to integrate the easyONE into every automatic life jacket.
Weatherdock demonstrates how easy the AIS MOB easyONE could be fittetd into your given automatic lifejacket and how the emergency transmitter is triggered automatically in case of emergency.
demonstration of bright flash LED of the easyRESCUE in darkness.

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In this short clip you can see an automatic life jacket from the Dutch company BESTO where an AIS Search and Rescue Transmitter (AIS S.A.R.T.) is fixed inside as an integral part of the jacket.

As soon as the life jacket is activated and the balloon inflates, the AIS S.A.R.T. easyRESCUE is triggered automatically and starts transmitting an AIS emergency message to every AIS receiver within range up to 15 nautical miles.

By means of buoyancy of the jacket even knocked out people will stay in save and secure position.

BESTO “easyRESCUE inside” self-inflating life vest with internal AIS S.A.R.T. beacon easyRESCUE. Current GPS position of the vistim via AIS – the fastest rescue possible.


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Easyrescue with water contact activation and magentic triggering activation.


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short exhibitor presentation spot on SMM 2012 trade show in Hamburg.


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How does an received AIS-SART signal look like on a Chartplotter screen according the latest standards. Please note that some plotters do not show the AIS SART signal according the latest standard. Some do still show the SART signal as a triangle (as it was a ship)


freie Filmmusik by Cayzland Studios

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