Diving Tracker

Enjoy diving with Safety

In order to be seen and saved in distress, our AIS S.A.R.T. unit easyRESCUE is so performant that it can be used up to a diving depth of 100 meters.

Title Dive Tracking
Logo + Slogan Weatherdock AG
Logo + Slogan Weatherdock AG
Logo + Slogan Weatherdock AG
  • Makes diving even safer
  • VHF diving tracker with alert button
  • Diving depth up to 100 m

Diving Tracker

Stamp Made in Germany white
Stamp Made in Germany white


Product picture easyRESCUE-DIVE-PRO A04006

AIS distress beacon


AIS Aid to Navigation transponder

Diving depth up to 100 meters


Product picture easyINFOBOX A053

AIS Receiver


AIS Aid to Navigation transmitter

Box with complete AIS system: receiver and chartplotter


The underwater world is fascinating for every diver because of its variety, color and beauty. You quickly lose yourself in the depths, but it is extremely important to know your limits to emerge safely. Especially diving beginners, but also professionals, sometimes lose their orientation. After surfacing the boat can no longer be seen? What now? Panic quickly arises because without the appropriate equipment, the diving center cannot easily be alerted in the event of an emergency.

Therefore, it is better to focus on security. Use a locator with an emergency alarm function every time you dive.

We have adapted our proven sea rescue transmitter specifically to the needs of a diver. As a diver, you don’t have to miss out on the possibility of locating and alerting, even under water. In contrast to our rescue transmitters that are used on board, the dive tracker has no float so as not to hinder the diving process. It is triggered manually by pressing a button. After activation, position data is sent out via AIS to significantly speed up the rescue.

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