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Product information

The GPS antenna of the company Weatherdock AG is GPS antenna suppling “raw data”, not NMEA data. The antenna is connected in an easy way to the easyTRX (or any other AIS Class B transceiver) If you use the GPS antenna, you nevertheless must have a separate VHF antenna for the easyTRX.

What is necessary to connect the GPS antenna?
There is no special device or adapter necessary. The antenna is supplied with a 5m long cable and the right plug to connect it to the easyTRX. The cable itself can be extended by a cable extension up to 15m. But, please if you extend the cable, please use a good cable, eg. Aircell 7 or similar and not the regular RG58.

For which Class B AIS the antenna can be used?
The GPS antenna can be used for every Class B AIS transceiver which needs GPS raw data. (Most of all Class B AIS do need raw data GPS antennas!) Reseon for that please find under FAQ.



  • GPS antenna
  • GPS antenna supplies raw data, no NMEA data
  • Power supply through the cable by means of the easyTRX2
  • Incl. onboard mounting socket in ABS

Technical Data

  • Frequency: 1575,42MHz
  • Amplification tipically 27dB
  • Noise; 2dB max
  • Voltage: 5VDC +/-10%
  • Power consumtion: <30mA
  • VSWR: 2.1 max
  • Plug: BNC male

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