Mobile network thanks to LTE mobile SIM card

The ME SENSE GATE LTE is used when there is no WLAN network in the marina with which the bridge ME SENSE RELAY WiFi can be connected to the Internet. Simply create your own access point to transfer the ship data to the IoT cloud.

Special features

  • Own internet access point
  • No dependence on existing and inaccessible WLAN networks


ME SENSE GATE LTE can be used if there is no WLAN network in the marina that can be used to connect to the Internet. With the LTE Sim-Card you can generate a kind of “island solution” especially for your ship. The access data of the GATE LTE are then entered into the central bridge ME SENSE RELAY WiFi. Nothing needs to be changed in the connection of the sensors to the bridge. The ME SENSE GATE LTE enables you to use the full range of functions of the ME SENSE sensor family, even in remote areas without WiFi.
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