easyTRx2S-IS-IGPS A150

PinboardeasyTRx2S-IS-IGPS A150

When I connect to my PC in Windows 10 it shows me the stored data but then says in will not connect and when I save data it does not save.

Also I need to Change the MMSI and country of registration.

Can you help with these things please?


Hello Mike,

  1. please connect by programming tool to your unit by selecting COM-Port and then press “Connect”
  2. If you cannot find any COM-Port please install the Windows USB Driver from here:


  1. Change Name etc. MMSI could not be changed on your own.

If you want to change MMSI, you need a Factory Reset.
Please have a look here how to do that:

How can I reset my MMSI number?


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