The FM output is limited at 108MHz. Is this a low-pass or band-pass, which passes the VHF range?

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The frequency range of the VHF radio output is limited to 108 MHz, i.e. higher frequencies cannot pass this output. For this reason, the reception of DVB-T is not yet possible.

Information: The reception of wave bands outside the VHF range is not possible with most frequently installed VHF antennas, i.e. in the best case the lower range of the VHF-DVB-T-band may be received. The reception of higher VHF wave bands requires a change to a multi-band antenna. Due to the commonly used coaxial cables (RG58/RG213) and coaxial plug-in systems (PL259/SO239) the transmission and reflection losses in the plug and socket connectors increase at higher frequencies to such extent, that adequate reception of higher frequencies would only be possible with a loss of quality. For this purpose it would be necessary to replace the used plugs and sockets by VHF-suitable versions.

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