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AIS Class B Transponder with CSTDMA Technology

AIS supported navigation according to Class B standard.

This product range is no longer produced.

All downloads, such as firmware, software and the manual can be found here under “Downloads”.

We continue to offer the service for easyTRX2 devices.




Product information


The ClassB unit easyTRX2S receives AIS ClassA and ClassB signals and transmits its own data according to ClassB standard. All the easyTRX2S series have a great variety of applications: You can connect it to a PC or laptop through a USB port. Using a software, you can choose the speed transmission between 38400 or 4800 Baud data rate. Function activity is shown by 8 LED’s.  The easyTRX2S is able to interpret incoming AIS data for CPA alert or AIS S.A.R.T. emergency messages. Additionally, the easyTRX2S devices can be used as power source for external alerting devices. All received and transmitted AIS data can be stored in and internal SD Card recorder. With the build-in multiplexer input, 3 devices with different baud rate can be plugged to the easyTRX2S units. The external cable gives the possibility to choose between “silent mode” or “PAN PAN emergency call”.

What is needed to run the easyTRX2S?

The ClassB device needs a separate GPS antenna and its own VHF antenna. As an alternative you can run the easyTRX2S with the VHF antenna switch easySPLIT-OCB. A separate GPS antenna is still needed. Another alternative is the VHF/GPS combi antenna.

easyTRX2S and gadgets that work together

Your PC has to work at least on WIN XP SP2 and screen resolution 1024*768. Plotter or PC software have to be AIS compatible in order to display incoming AIS data on the screen. A MMSI number is required to broadcast data.  You will get it from German Bundesamts fur Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie or the competent authority on your country. Your distributor will set up this MMSI on your device.



  • AIS Class B CS Tranceiver
  • BSH certificated (BSH / 46162 / 4320939 / 10)
  • Easiest installation and use
  • Incl. PC software for configuration
  • Software also for displaying AIS data on the PC

Advantages over competitors

  • Separate cables for modes such as “silent” or “mayday AIS” continuous signal
  • USB port
  • Additional USB port 38400 or 4800 baud selectable via software
  • Total 8 LEDs for function display
  • Plotter independent AIS S.A.R.T. alert
  • Plotter independent CPA alert
  • Increased voltage range
  • SD card recorder for black box use
  • Integrated multiplexer

Technical Data

  • AIS receiver and transmitter with integrated GPS receiver
  • 1 transmitter, 2 receiver
  • Responsivity: -107dBm minimum, typically -112dBm
  • Data rate: 38400 or 4800 Baud, bi-directional
  • NMEA telegram type: VDM
  • GPS receiver according to IEC 61108
  • Adapter VFH antenna: 50 Ohm, SO2239
  • Adapter GPS antenna: 50 Ohm, BNC
  • Cabin mounting, IP60, -25°C – 55°C
  • On-board power supply: 10 V– 32 V DC
  • Dimensions: 198mm (L) 158mm (W) 47mm (H)
  • Weight: approx. 850 grams

Expansion modules (optional)

  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Integrated FM antenna splitter
  • NMEA2000 output
  • Integrated DVB-T antenna splitter


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