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AIS Class B Transceiver with SOTDMA Technology




Product information

AIS Class B Transciver SOTDMA – Be seen with increased visibility!

5 Watt radiated transmission power, faster transmission rates and SOTDMA technologies – all this benefits contains the new easyTRX3, the new AIS Class B generation from Weatherdock.

The rigid and waterproof housing of the easyTRX3 has up to date plug connectivity for NMEA2000, 3*NMEA0183 as well as USB.
The Class B transceiver can easily be configured at home because power supply is given via USB when connected to the PC. It is the same with the internal storage: no external power supply for read out the data.

The easyTRX3 is working with SOTDMA technologies. This means that the device scans for used time slots and will reserve available slots for own transmission. Other AIS Class B units are informed that this slot will be used also for next transmission as well. Thanks to the increased radiated transmission power of 5 Watt and the subject to speed transmission rate, the new easyTRX3 will increase your navigational work and your safety board – to see and to be even better seen – what else do you need?  



  • AIS Class B SOTDMA
  • 5 Watt radiated power
  • Higher transmission rates (subject to speed)
  • Rigid and waterproof housing
  • Configuration with USB power supply possible
  • Internal storage; read-out with USB power supply possible
  • Integrated VHF splitter
  • Intregrated GPS antenna and receiver
  • CPA-Alarm & Anchor-Alarm


easyTRX3-Manager App

With the easyTRX3-Manager app, all settings of the easyTRX3 can be easily and conveniently made via a smartphone or tablet.

  • Definition of static data (MMSI, name, call sign and type of ship)
  • Configuration of the interfaces (USB, NMEA0183, NMEA2000)
  • Anchor and CPA alarm can be switched on and off

Technical Data

  • 1 channel VHF transponder
  • 2 channel VHF receiver for 161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz AIS frequencies
  • Multi-channel GPS receiver
  • Channel sensitivity: ≤ -112 dBm
  • GPS antenna connector
  • Installation below deck
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C – + 55 °C
  • NMEA telegram type: VDM
  • Transmitting power: 5 watts / 1 watt
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 180mm x 120mm x 50mm
  • Weight: approx. 700 grams

MTM - Maritime Text Messenger

The great feature of the SOTDMA method on Class B devices is the ability to send text messages via AIS, as with a Class A device. We call this method MTM, Maritime Text Messenger.

There is a special app for this, with which one connects the easyTRX3. With an easyTRX3 WiFi, the text messages can be conveniently sent and received via a mobile device. Devices without WiFi can be connected via USB via PC / MAC.

The message is transmitted via the AIS message 6 or 26 and can be addressed to a specific ship, this acknowledges receipt automatically. However, the prerequisite is that the opposite is also a SOTDMA device. Only a transceiver with SOTDMA can then also process these messages.

A message can contain 48 symbols. Within a minute max. 61 symbols are sent. Example: “Arrival Marina Portofino, ETA 1800”

Furthermore, a SOTDMA can transmit the AIS messages 8 and 26 to all within reach. So start a broadcast. Here the message can contain 54 symbols. Within a minute, 72 symbols are possible. Example: “Marina Portofino is closed”. This could even be sent by the port itself.

Product variants


Declaration of Conformity

We want to remember you or make you aware of the easyTRX3 declaration
of conformity, which has to be carried along your other important documents aboard at any time.

Please make sure that this document is close at hand
in case you need it for an inspection.

With the following link you can download this declaration of conformity
for printing later on:

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