The IONEER locating beacon enables unlimited traceability available 24/ for local and global fleet activities. The palm-sized position transmitter is reliable working with AIS Class B CSTDMA functionality and IRIDIUM® sat network.

Big benefit for the fleet administration is to know ‘Who & Where’ for coordination and management as well as coastal border security issues. Defining and using ‘Geo-Fence-Areas’ allows to create limited entry zones or restricted areas.

The additional ‘Push-to-Alert’ button is another very important benefit for the outgoing fishermen. In event of emergency, in addition to the regular position report an official AIS emergency message will be send out.

As soon as a pre-programmed distance to the coastline is overrun, the IONEER unit automatically switches into sat-communication via IRIDIUM satellites. The AIS based communication can be done bi-directional: ‘Ship-to-Sat-to-Shore’ and vice versa.

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