How can I programm MMSI numbers for DSC into the unit?

Within the easy2-MOB unit you can programm up to eight MMSI numbers.
Just download the easy2-MOB app for your mobilephone:

Activate Bluetooth on your easy2-MOB unit:
1. Push the yellow magnet switch to the left to “ARMED” if not done yet.
2. Press TEST button as long until the white LED stays on
3. Open the App you downloaded before, activate Bluetooth on request
4. Follow instructions within the app to programm the MMSI numbers
5. If you see an MMSI number with 211002010 this is our trial number, you can delete this one

If you don´t programm any MMSI number into your device, the unit will go into Open Loop directly after actviation in an Emergency case.

Why does the TEST button not work?

Check that the magnet switch is set to “ARMED”.
After that all buttons are active.

A22800 easy2-MOB disarmed—> A22800 easy2-MOB armed

Also when you put the unit inside your life vest, get sure that you ARM the unit.
Only then it can activate in an emergency case.

New regulations for AIS DSC MOB devices require a deactivation functionality.
This is done with the magnet switch on the easy2-MOB device.

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