What is important to know when I would like to install the easyDVBT?

In order to operate your DVB-T receiver with the easyDVBT mostly perfect at your VHF-antenna, please attend the following:

  1. Because of the higher frequented DVBT-channels (500 bis 860 MHz) have in the coax-cable a higher decay compared with the navy-radio-signal, it can be necessary to use a high quality, low-loss coax cable at higher cable lengths. Types of good coax cables are e.g. RG 213/U, AIRCELL 7, ECOFLEX 10. 2..
  2. Also a preferably uninterrupted transmission of the receiving signals from the antenna to the easyDVBT is only possible when you use the installed coaxialcable with together fitting coax plugs and jacks (.e.g coaxial deck-disconnection point)..
  3. In the easyDVBT the TV-Receiver-Signals will be separated (filtered), heightened and routed to the TV-receiver. This will be only successful, when an adequate high signal level is at the easyDVBT input. That means that the decay of the signals from the mast-top to the input of the easyDVBT has to kept small.

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