The development of the easyTRX3, the successor of our popular Class B AIS transceiver easyTRX2S, is at least in the final phase! The device will be available from January 2019.

All product highlights:

  • Higher transmission power (5 watts, instead of 2 watts)
  • Faster transfer rate at higher speeds (every 15 instead of every 30 seconds)
  • ridgid and waterproof housing
  • modern connections (NMEA2000, USB)
  • SOTDMA Technology (Self-Organizing Time Division Multiple Access, like Class A, instead of CSTDMA)
  • MTM – Maritime Text Messenger (send & receive Short Text Messages)


Available product variants

  • easyTRX3 (A20000)
  • easyTRX3-WiFi (A20001)

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