Do you have more than one battery on board that you want to monitor? No problem with the external ME SENSE battery sensor. Simply connect it to the desired battery, connect it to the ME SENSE relay and monitor it from anywhere using the app.

Monitor more than one battery on board

The ME SENSE Relay has a built-in voltmeter as standard to monitor the on-board battery. If you have more than one battery on board, you can now easily expand the system.

Perfect addition to ME SENSE Basic or ME SENSE Advanced Set

With the ME SENSE Basic Set or ME SENSE Advanced Set you lay the foundation for smart boat monitoring. These sets can be expanded at any time to include up to 20 sensors and 10 actuators – i.e. ME SENSE switches.


NOTE: All ME SENSE switches and sensors can only be used in conjunction with a ME SENSE relay!
The ME SENSE app is free to download, a subscription is required to register the sensor.

More about the Weatherdock smart boat monitoring system

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