Nuremberg 31.07.2015

In the past two years, our website  has undergone a positive transformation.

It has been optimized for search engines, provides now three instead of two languages and has a “responsive design”

It also has a new design and a structure that has improved the usability of the site.

Moreover, Weatherdock hat new websites:

These and other innovations have increased the number of visitors considerably, and therefore, the traffic and the movement within our hosting has brought his performance to the limits.

In order to offer you a faster website, we have now a new powerful hosting.

Starting from August, all the pages of Weatherdock will be faster and you will have easily access to all our information.

Our sites offer not only information about our products, but also about interesting topics such as Radio technology, AIS SART, various tracking systems, and many more.

We wish you a lot of fun surfing on the web pages of Weatherdock.
Please feel at home!

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