In order to guarantee the functionality of our devices, a regular service is necessary. This must be done by specially trained and certified distributors or Weatherdock itself. Contact your Weatherdock dealer where you purchased your device(s) or contact us directly.
For your own safety, the service can not be done by yourself. Never open our devices by yourself.

The easyRESCUE AIS SART devices require a service after 5 years.
The easyONE MOB devices need service after 7 years.

The next due service is noted on each device on the back.


When is a service necessary?

  • Device has been activated in the ON mode for alerting
  • Device has been put into test mode 30 times
    We recommend to check the devices at regular intervals:
    • easyRESCUE recommendation: max. 6 tests per year
    • easyONE recommendation: approx. 4 tests per year
  • The service date has been exceeded, see device rear


What is checked at the service?

  • functional test
  • Check battery, replace this
  • Replacing the seals
  • Check tightness
  • Optical inspection for visible damage
  • Reset to factory settings, extend service date by 5 or 7 years

After successful service, the devices receive a sticker with the next service date, which is repeated again in 5 or 7 years.

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