After almost 10 years our easyRESCUE Database got a complete makeover and is now called “RESCUE Database”. In addition to a more modern and user-friendly look, information about a rescue transmitter can now be stored in a more structured and detailed manner.

All owners of the AIS SART (easyRESCUE) or AIS MOB (easyONE) Rescue Transmitter from Weatherdock can voluntarily store personal data as well as detailed device information in the database.

Our goal is to significantly assist the Sarch and Rescue Organizations in thier work while offering an added value for our customers.

So that not only visually everything is up to date, we ask you to update your entry in the RESCUE Database.
If you have not yet registered your easyRESCUE or easyONE, the Search and Rescue Organizations recommend doing so at the latest before the next turn.

The login takes place with the Unit-ID and the password, which you will find on the back of each easyRESCUE and easyONE.


Entry/Update of your information

Especially important information for Search and Rescue Organizations are:


  • Name of the user of a Rescue Transmitter
  • Diseases/allergies/drug intolerances/other special features
  • Emergency Contact
  • Information about the ship
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