To realize the advantages of a product, there is nothing better than to see it in action. The most important South African television channel, public broadcaster SABC, shows a reportage informing about the use of Weatherdock’s vmsTRACK devices by fishermen in this country. “Going out to see is much safer for local fisherman”. The title of this news summarizes the purpose and results of using Weatherdock’s vmsTRACK devices.

Nothing more satisfying than knowing that our devices fulfill their goal: Save lives!

Weatherdock technology is now present in the whole world. From the shores of South Africa to the ones in South America and in the seas of Asia and Europe. Weatherdock offers its technology for locating objects and boats in different fields of navigation. We share this video so that you can see, in a practical way, how our technology works for local fishermen in South Africa. You can find more information about this product by following this link …

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