Weatherdock is looking forward to working with the well-known ice hiker, sailor, polar explorer, expedition manager and book author Arved Fuchs.

The team around Arved Fuchs is equipped with the AIS SART emergency transmitters easyRESCUE-PRO, which are integrated into the SECUMAR lifejacket of every team member. They will take with them our devices for the new upcoming sailing expeditions in extreme areas of the world.

The fact that the Weatherdock products have been deliberately selected by such an experienced expedition manager for such extreme areas, shows the reliability and the high quality of the equipment, which can save their lives in a situation of distress.

We wish Arved Fuchs and his crew a lot of success in his next projects and we are glad to be a little part of their adventures .



Photo: Arved Fuchs with our CEO, Alfred Kotouczek
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