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 A181 easyRX2 S-LAN



Like any AIS receiver, the easyRX-LAN receives the telegrams of the Class A and Class B transceivers. A novelty of the easyRX-LAN is the LAN module, which enables a direct connection to an existing computer network. Likewise, the recording of the NMEA data into the WWW can be realized without any detours.

What is necessary to connect an easyRX LAN?


First, there must be a working computer network. In addition to a 12 volt DC power supply you need a standard LAN cable RJ45 and an VHF antenna.


Which PC software is the easyRX-LAN suitable for?


Any PC software that can process and display AIS data is suitable to be used with the easyRX LAN.


To configure the easRX-LAN, a PC is required. (at least WIN XP or higher)




  • LAN output and serial interface type NMEA 0183
  • 12 volt plug included
  • Forwarding of NMEA data possible
    • in local network
    • in www
  • Installation easyRX LAN via IP address (DHCP or fixed IP)
  • Possible applications
    • port authorities
    • Commercial shipping
    • Info stations along the shoreline

Technical Data


  • 2 channel AIS receiver for AIS data on 161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz frequencies
  • Channel spacing: 25 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -113 dBm
  • Datarate:   9600 Bps
  • Antenna impedance:   50 Ohm
  • Electrical connection data
    • Antenna input:   PL
    • LAN connection:   RJ45


  • Data transfer rate:   38,4 kB
  • Format:   NMEA 0183
  • NMEA telegram type: VDM




  • Baudrate: changable 38400 or 4800, bidirectional
  • NMEA Telegramtype : VDM
  • Connector VFH antenna: 50 Ohm, SO2239
  • Connector GPS antenna: 50 Ohm, BNC
  • Cabin mounting, IP60, -25°C – 55°C
  • 198mm (L) 158mm (W) 47mm (H)
  • Weight: 275 g.




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