Do I need a new MMSI for my easyTRX?

If you want to operate a dsc-radio station or an AIS-transponder easyTRX on a boat, you need a registration for this radio-station. You get the registration from the federal network agency. The federal network agency will allocate your radio-station a MMSI-number, which you program into the easyTRX. If you already have a MMSI and additional you want to operate an easyTRX, you must send a notification of change to the federal network agency. You program your existing MMSI into the easyTRX.-Under this link you get more information: Bundesnetzagentur Aussenstelle Hamburg Sachsenstr. 12 und 14 20097 Hamburg Tel.: 040 23655-0 Fax: 040 23655-182 E-Mail:

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